“A lady came up to me one day and said ‘Sir! You are drunk’, to which I replied ‘I am drunk today madam, and tomorrow I shall be sober but you will still be ugly.”
20131223-093210.jpgGetting wasted on weekends might not be the most ideal way to spend time with yourself and/or with your buddies but it can be really fun. Too much alcohol intake can be unspeakably lethal so I guess moderation should really come in.20131223-092951.jpgI was a lone wolf when I grew up, not the typical socially inept dork with unutterable horrendous clothes, but.. okay, I was. I didn’t have my own circle of friends which I could call my own barkada— big fat loner so to speak.20131223-092904.jpgOn my 21st birthday, Mom gave me the leeway of how I will celebrate it. Given that time that I became a man already (doubtful on that note), I chose for it to be something about booze and beer which really created madness at our garage looking like a cool neon streaked pounding party crib.20131223-093018.jpgShe’s one of the more-than-60 cousins that I have for whom I dedicated my birthday to and shared the good food and cold beer with. Everyone came in with their shoes on, or maybe with “my” pairs of shoes on.20131223-093138.jpgThe perks and the backlash of getting drunk are such a spectacle to me. For the narrow-headed, it’s a taboo. For the cool, it’s liberating. For the skeptic, it’s a reality check. For the lovers, it’s a libido solution.20131223-093038.jpg

You can get naked at the most popular beach in the Philippines.20131223-093228.jpgOr, carry your heaviest friend.20131223-093758.jpgOr, dance with a hot stranger.20131223-093811.jpgOr, kiss a non-living thing.20131223-093805.jpg

Or, become a power ranger.20131223-093853.jpgOr, laugh your ass out loud. 20131223-094633.jpgOr, simply get a skull-to-skull picture.20131223-093319.jpgOr, get cross-eyed while your girl-friend kisses your honorable cheeks.20131223-093356.jpgOr, as a drinking chestnut, Pass out with a capital P.20131223-093917.jpgOr, show how much you love your special someone.20131223-094627.jpgOr, get you own dose of tequila straight from the bottle.20131223-093751.jpgOr, just simply get yourself a dip and have a happy slumber on the floor.

Whether or not you get drunk, for so long as you do it with moderation and control, everything shall be in awesome fun house, a joyride full of laughter and a somersault of booze.

They say it’s really a part of human growth, not of growing old but of growing up, for the former is mandatory and the latter is optional. So, the next time a lady speaks of your being drunk, stand straight, hug her tight and greet her a Merry Merry Christmas.