Our fashion timeline has altered its wings, seeing the dusk without eyeing the anemic moon setting. They say it’s impossible to have three types of man, the ones who value religious commands, the self-oriented and the ordinary people. But yes, even if ‘they’ might wind up these people to dead as doornails, it has been into history from the time when dogs started eating bones. Their lifestyles have changed due to rapid movements and the silent shook of moment. It is when they think of glory that they pave the edge of it. It is the mother of all Change has utterly waved the trail of traditionalism and so did our love for it.

My friend, slavery has ended and the iron curtain has found its ash but it still doesn’t mean freedom for every one of us. In that very line of courtesy, we see change. Yes, it’s change. Definitely change. It changed our outlooks. It changed the framework of our principles. But if change is change and change is here, facing us, standing in front of us, what now?

Don’t wait for a big guy to put a hand in your mouth and swing it like a puppet.
The puppets of anyone who tampers it.

What is change without transformation, or the well called, qualitative change?

Ladies, gentlemen and guys in between, look at the people around you. Seeing them can be as apparent as those glass panes-poor farmers who, through decades, remain to be sharecroppers and servants and beggars lying on alleys. We have become imaginary to ourselves. We don’t need change, so to write and so to say. What we need is transformation, a qualitative change. Think of a bee larvae. Soon, it’ll metamorphose. Parting its stage, it’ll become a bee, fully grown and buzzing. It has changed its form. Now, did anybody try to ask you if why do bees like honey?

Transformation with constant development. Yes, constant development. If I say constant, it should be forever. And to my fellow citizens of this country, forever is never forever without you all. If they can, let them do it. We will do it in our own different, constant and gorgeous waaaay! Coz I was born this way baby.