With quaint coves and island-hop away powdery white swathed paradise, Guimaras as an investment haven that offers numerous circuits to choose as either leisure list or business prospect – from mango-based ketchup to handwoven merch; from miniature galleons to a shift of transport to steel-hulled vessels; from seafood restaurants to now, growing number of coffee shops.

Marceily Point, an inland resort in Guimaras, has halted ops during the pandemic, and recently resumed last May 10 in time for the reviving of Manggahan Festival.

Located at Barangay Tamborong, San Lorenzo town, Marceily Point offers a good vibe with its scenic view of the island and a pool where you can rent Instagram-ready floaters perfect for hot summer snap.

In time with the re-opening, they have likewise opened a bigger and literally higher space up to the 5th floor for a growing interest of coffee market by which, upon reaching the top, will leave your jaws dropped with the panoramic stills and greens of the island.

The theme of the cafe is white and wood which is now a trend in almost all the mushrooming cafes in the country going towards a mix of modern but minimalist approach of interiors and gram-worthy spots al fresco.

The space is wide enough to cater a group of tourists, friends pack and an extended Filipino family, to either celebrate a birthday, or no reason at all.

Corny by Insta-ready, these neon on acrylic serves as the cafe star being one of the most chosen nook for photos and reels entries.

In harmony with the white and wood feels, which is honestly very relaxing, the shop, located on the upper floors is a semi-extension of the restaurant, which again, for me, is quite a downside because a customer cannot eat dishes from the restaurant up to the cafe.

While we may not fully grasp the logical reason why aside from the traffic of human resource and mobilization issues, it is with fervor that the management need to level up customer experience.

From signs, to rules to everything – remember that a tourist wants to rest and recreate; and not get held up of choosing a wrong stairway and make them go down and change route as if they’re kids making a foolish mistake.

With this space wide, parties can be done and organized in here and you can enjoy me-time with a good book in your hand – (check out La For by Allen Rivera Galindo by Kasing-kasing Press)

Coffee is good and they have separate baristas from the restaurant, who are actually very friendly. The other one stood aside politely when I took this photo of the counter as foreground and the wide glass peeping in the verdant trees in the background.

This new café in the island of Guimaras has honestly the best view in all the other resorts, except of course those thalassophytes down for a beach getaway.

We encourage you guys to visit and experience this inland resort. And while they have the best view, I hope they will also upgrade their service and improve the totality of customer experience so people will come and visit, again and again, and believe in the power share of good words by mouth.