Winter is NOT coming.

Summer is.

So, get ready and discover another BUDGET-FRIENDLY BUT SUPER RAW and VIRGIN destination in Guimaras Island (ang isla na hindi nauubusan ng pasabog)

Welcome to CASITA BEACH!

This may NOT be a secret to locals living in Barangay Sinapsapan, in the town of Jordan, but this hidden jewel is another treasure waiting to be discovered.

We clarified with the caretaker regarding the name of the beach because others call it “Caseta”, others, “Gasita” others “Casita”.

This is not, at the moment, labeled a resort given the absence of amenities. But if you are into UNEXPLOITED, PRISTINE and UNCOMMERCIALIZED beach destination, this is perfect for you.


Just a couple of cottages and just these beautiful trees and waves and salty air.

🟢BYOF (Bring your own food)
🟢BYOT (Bring your own tent)
🟢BYOB (Bring your own drinks)
🟢BYTH (Bring your trash home)

From Jordan Wharf, you may rent a tricycle or multicab going to Sinapsapan. Make sure to enlist your personal information at the Tourism Office for your safety (as they also have the matrix of the rent/fare).

Make a stop at the beautiful Sinoguora Hilltop View and choose the way going to Casita (locals can help you out).

Trek for 5-10 minutes depende sa bagaheng dala-dala mo sa buhay mo.