IMG_0217Imagine a crow perching a few inches next to you, an asphalted road that when hit by any vehicle’s tires, produces a melody unique to every prefecture, and a railway system that I firmly believe as the most efficient in the world.IMG_0463That for me is Tokyo – a magical city in the land of the rising sun, the urban bustle with a perfectly preserved cultural identity and with the busiest street scramble in the world. I have always had that vision of walking the busy streets of Tokyo with thousands of people I would not know and just nib on traditional Japanese foods at any street and in some other nameless fancy restaurants.

This trip was work-related so I had to squeeze in time to schedule going around with my boss and his family while ensuring that all our jobs were killed intact, like nailing the highest note of The Prayer.80344997_2561793227209596_3159871602183634944_oIt’s my first time in Japan but it’s also the first time to get a passport and visa, ride an airplane for an international flight for majority of our young Manggahan Festival Performers – and that’s a major milestone for the rest of their lives I am sure they will forever be grateful for.

78660257_2559401814115404_8602380105848717312_oAnd hey we won Best Booth! 200,000 yen for the taking. And for this trip, we thank the Philippine Festival Organizing Committee for inviting Guimaras especially to Sir Jodie and Ms. Eleanor for going to our island again and again to ensure the partnership.IMG_0004Allow me to share some of the best moments in this trip that will be immortalized in my memory bank and I think that this short list is something not seen anywhere in the world.


IMG_5486There is always that icon we fancy in every city or destination – New York with the Statue of Liberty, Paris with Eiffel Tower and Beijing with the Great Wall. While Tokyo Tower or the Skytree form part of that identity, Shibuya Crossing, for me, is THE identifiable landmark in the city like with Geralt of Rivia and or Mr. Sam to Frodo Baggins in the Shire.IMG_5455And in this scramble, you will also visit the statue of Hachiko. You know his drama. Watch the movie.


Aside from being the only DisneySea in the world, it was a no-brainer choice for us of which resort to go to – land or sea, as it is, by record, the fastest theme park in the world to reach the 10 million visitors mark. It is that historic.IMG_9689Like the seven continents, it has seven ports of call as they dub it namely: Mediterranean Harbour, Arabian Coast, American Waterfront, Lost River Delta, Mermaid Lagoon, Mysterious Island, and Port Discovery.IMG_9863My favorite part was visiting Agrabah just like in the movies when Aladdin and Jasmine shared their carpet rides and pa-fall moments.IMG_5394 Mapapalimos ka nang pagmamahal sa pila ng tickets so in case you want to enjoy the rides, get a fast pass ahead. We chose not to. Visiting all the ports with my cheesecake buddy, Ysa, was quite tiring already that we only waited for the late afternoon musical Christmas show.IMG_9721IMG_0131Hirap buhay seaman. If you get a good job at home, just balance your expenses and live within your means. Haha.IMG_9705Nakakanipis ang winter sa buhok po. hahaIMG_0136This is the kind of neighborhood I would love to grow in. A whole new world. Haha!IMG_0138


IMG_0242Tokyo is a smorgasbord of sightseeing and cultural delights. From the idea that I learned about young Japanese pupils only focusing on moral studies from the first three grades to scheduling your meet-ups with your brothers and sisters, Japan, as whole has so much to offer for tourists.IMG_0244While the railway system is considered to be the most efficient and effective in the world, you surely can not have all the chances in the world to see this in just a week. Consider neighboring cities and prefectures and you’ll realize that this archipelago is a vast universe.IMG_0255Museum tours are my tea cups not because I’m Tito but because I’m not stupid, I keep learning. Haha!IMG_1277And with the help of Sir John, a very warm welcoming Filipino who provided me a very good accommodation during my three-day extended trip, has toured me around different museums and historic sites and temples.


Each ring.

Each unique.

yet in harmony with others.

Each vibrant

in their diversity.

Powerful in their individuality.

Stronger in harmony.

A prayer for the world.

Now and forever.

-Katsuhiko Hibino


Sir John also toured me around Mori Art Museum in Roponggi. And if you get the chance to visit Japan, contact him for a very good place to stay.Untitled-1Private message him for the dates and number of guest to get the discount price. This unit is good for 4 and 5 guests and located near Shinjuku . Shibuya , Harajuku , Omotesando and Olympic Stadium.


Japanese cuisine as a whole is famous for a reason and by its authenticity and actual taste you can say that it is really one of the best in the world – from an ordinary streetfood to traditional dishes.IMG_9458This is my first ramen when we arrived at our place almost midnight. My boss was all praises and even the whole team was trying to imagine what if we’ve brought this dish back home and made just an imagination for our island to now. IMG_0120ICHIRAN RAMEN. (We waited for more than an hour for this)IMG_0564And anotha one.IMG_0208TEMPURA.IMG_9796SHABUSHABU PARTYIMG_9798IMG_9795IMG_0277TONKATSU MELTINGIMG_0209IMG_0533SUSHIIIIIII.IMG_0531IMG_0530IMG_0527IMG_0521Usapang streetfood.IMG_0473IMG_9685IMG_9522IMG_9520IMG_9521IMG_0478TIME FOR DESSERTS.IMG_9474MATCHA.IMG_0479Kawagoe pudding. IMG_0476Indi siya chocolate. Milksha. #WaleyIMG_9489And don’t forget all the beers!IMG_9943IMG_9670IMG_9669IMG_9665IMG_9958IMG_0447Cheers to all these lodi in Tokyo! IMG_0450


At kung pang Tito and hanap mo, naglipanana ang Cat Cafe sa Japan. Like anywhere you go, you will get see one of these unique hubs. Like an economic bubble, these cafes are homely spaces, meant to evoke the feels of your space or home staged with calming interior, lighting and music.

They say people visit these cafes because first, owning cats in apartment are regulated but more importantly, it is healing industry for the Japanese people having the sense of loneliness after the fore of economic struggles in the country.


And personally being with them, (some of course grumpy at that specific time of the day), has given a deep sense of peace.

JapanThis Tokyo trip has been a dream come true for me. But the days I spent there were def not enough. Not another year will pass and I will be back there for sure because there is so much to Fall for Japan and this Fall in Japan experience was just a head-start.