3L Series 3During my last 3L Series, I have talked about ‘finding your balance’ and ‘having your own season’, and also a bit of ending #SmartShaming’ and depression as a social bully.

Those were quite some learning I had last year and they were true and real – attesting to that badly. Boring might be but that’s how life is, we gotta do the grind. Ang buhay  natin ay isang laro. Kapag walang disiplina, you’ll lose the game!

The first half of this year was not really a good head-start. I have had cancelled international trips, unsuccessful attempts for intimacy (loljk), unstable life decisions that, until now, are still pending, and uhm, satisfactory fiscal management in the middle of everything.

But these challenges taught me a lot. Now, more than ever, I know I can manage these stresses better as perfectly shown by my positive hair growth further validated by my hair artist hahaha.

Welcome to my third 3L Series and I hope you learn something from it.


They say, having a stable job is success. They say, having a great relationship is success. They say, if you are successful at one, you will not be with the other aspect of your life. You know, the you-can’t-have-it-all annoying spiel. Those might be, from a realist perspective, fatally correct; but, remember that huge successes in life start with mini successes.

Bago pa lumaki ang negosyo at lumago ang relasyon, dadaan ito sa maraming pagsubok. Minsan madali. Minsan marupok. Parang ikaw at ang puso mo. IMG_5605 2If you think these successes will make you happy, you might as well rethink your stance. Happiness is temporary, but your purpose is eternal. You can be happy now because of what you have achieved but if you will not define your real purpose in this world, everything else becomes futile.IMG_9919You may have not found those successes yet, but believe me, they are hidden somewhere. These are linked towards your life’s goals and you will only see those if you know your purpose.


Being single is not an automatic indicator of being lonely. It has never been.img_2539If you have the habit of asking people, 
“when are you gonna get married?”
“when are you having children?”
“aren’t you scared growing old alone?”
“with your age, why are you still single?”IMG_5514First, it is none of your business;DSC04509

Second, (Valar Morghulis) all men must die and that’s a fact so maybe if you will be asked why are you still alive, we’ll have a mutual feeling by then;DCOR8426Third, stop being a typical culturally toxic Filipino. Don’t decide just because you think it’s acceptable. This is the Philippines and while we are having a politico-economic struggle of identifying the nationality of the fish in our exclusive economic zones, let us make it a norm to have an open mind.

Tolerance is different from acceptance. It is so much easy to find your own happiness but it is difficult to know your purpose. Now, if your purpose is to objectify the life cycle of other people based on your own set of life standards,





After Game of Thrones, I have waited for the third season of Stranger Things. I am badly hooked. This is like also one of the best things made by men!

And while it hurt me so bad, LIKE SO BAD, I have learned that hurt is good.IMG_8916Hurt slaps you in the face when no else can. Hurt will tear you down but it will make you stronger. Hurt will make you realize the brighter side of life. Hurt is fleeting. Learning is forever.

So, if someone hurts you. Look straight at him or her and say “thank you for hurting me”. “Because of you, I have become the better version of myself.”


Once this hashtag became an online rally because of getting ourselves the social consciousness that we tend to disregard just because God knows what. With this I have learned that, while there are people who will not listen or buy your thoughts but it pays to share it online so you can use your words to influence some if not the many.

While there is a fraction of Filipinos still having faith in humanity, a few strong now lose their grip on fundamental laws of the land and uhm, waters.

From the ramming, the focus has not been about the Filipinos but rather of sovereignty, internationalism and ‘nationality’ of the fish wafting in our banks.

Under domestic and international laws, we have all the rights but those rights will remain just rights if we don’t do something right or the ‘few strong’ take leaps of decisions.

Giving respect to who’s due, we may say that this story is a compromise of a strong bilateral relations being kept protected for some huge confidential reasons.

The other war was a failure but here’s the last promise to be fulfilled – the most ambitious infrastructure roadmap in the history of the Republic.

If this fails, if this alliance becomes a trouble, there will be troubles.

But if we go back to order, we stand on the legit grounds but maybe not on the personal moral fibers of the few.

Maybe, it is the fish.

Maybe, it is the boat.

No, it is about us Filipinos fighting for what is ours and protecting our own home.

If the rain stops, go to the beach. Look for a fish.

But please check if it’s Chinese.



In all aspects of whatever, being constant is the key. It is the king of the kings and the protector of the realm.IMG_0856Have constant people in your life. ‘Wag yung tatawagin kalang pag kailangan ka.

Have constant, good habits. If you wanna sing in the shower, please do so everyday. It might have a positive effect on your disposition.

Have constant goals. ‘Wag pa-iba iba baka maubusan ka.

Have constant dreams. ‘Wag puro lovelife. Kaya ngayon may sweldo pa rin ako.

Have constant self-development. Invest on yourself and not on other people who treat you like sht.

And, be consistent in all that you do. Never break down because the best way is to the top. That is the key to success. IMG_3371

So, know your purpose and be happy even alone because hurt is good.3L Series 3Again, we are here. I am here. Let us talk. Talk and share. I hope what I learned can guide you, too. Just do not mind my photos in between. 🙂

If you liked this series, feel free to share online. I would love learning what you guys have learned so far and will be learning though time. Cheers to good life!