No water buffaloes were maltreated and abused during this trip.IMG_5319It was, though, during the Spanish colonial period that this island was called “Carabao Island” because of the number of cattles, and of course, carabaos in the said place; today, however, it is locally called Hambil and for three days of staying there, I have not seen any single animal of that sort. Weird. Climate change?ROMBLONThis blog post will not be about any animals but of giving you a dip of the, ah, uhm, *looking for a perfect adjective* “orgasmic aesthetic” Carabao Island through my version its top ten most instagrammable spots!

1. ANG COCONUT NA PA-FALLIMG_5326Just a few minutes away from the port of Carabao Island, this is the most famous coconut tree in the island. Maybe, if the tree can just talk, sasabihin nya: “gamit na gamit na po ako”. Haha!IMG_5327Riding their rented motorcycles, which is the only touring vehicle in the island, most of the tourists drop by this scenic tree almost every hour just to take a snap and do their own accounts of Instagram posts.IMG_5192Minsan, pa-isa-isa sila. Minsan may pa-couple. Minsan pa-group. You just have to be careful, you might fall. Okay sana if may sasalo.IMG_5330Kung wala, dapa lang at itago ang taba. May dadating na para sa ýo. Di mo kailangang sunduin because love is not rushed, it is delivered. Haha

2.  MGA AHAS SA CATHEDRAL CAVE AT SA RELASYON IMG_5382This is what one of the Panda Boys (our tour guides inside the cave) said when we asked: “May ahas sa loob?”  (Are there snakes inside?). “Walang ahas sa baba, Sir. Sa relasyon meron.”, he said. And we were like, bam. Ouch.66176958_482690398969677_1954221393969152000_nMore than the beauty of the cave, it was remarkable having two teenagers with us doing all the “hugots” or  drawing strong emotions deep from within. Just look at the rawness of this unfiltered photo of the water inside the caves which rises up to two meters high during the high tide.

3. CLIFF JUMP SITE PARA SA PAGOD NAIMG_5441Still at the Cathedral Cave are the multi-level heights of the cliff-jump stations. Here, you may choose not to jump, walang pilitan po. But the water is perfect turquoise I swear you can’t help it; and the last time I have seen this water was when I went to Bohol in Panglao Island. Hands down. *slow clap*IMG_5565If you want BJ, just say so. Haha! The best BJ in the world, of course I’m kidding. All buko juice taste the same. ‘Wag tayo green-minded.

4. AND BALSA NA KAYA KANG ISALBAIMG_5508Another interesting spot is this bamboo raft floating and tied from the mainland. You can get a perfect flatlay shot for Instagram with the help of the Panda boys!

The way I saw it, it looked so free, carefree, full of salt kisses and waves every day. But no. The raft is tied. Hirap makawala kapag nakatali ka na.


On our way to the best shore line, there is this beach next to the national road that was just a splendor to me. So, I told our driver, Jun-jun, to have a quick stop. IMG_5607Kaya tingin-tingin sa paligid, baka nariyan si lovelife.IMG_5603But never forget to move forward to reach your goal.

6. TINY PINK ISLAND PARKIMG_5719When you get to Tan-agan, this is the first set of vibrant tents and floaties that will greet you. It’s not really called Tiny Pink Park though for branding purposes, I think it’s a good one.IMG_5609They set this for groups of international guests particularly the Chinese. And it’s also fine to take photos, just don’t take other people’s partners ha? Share tents, ‘wag kama.IMG_5769 2

7. SA DILAW NA DUYANIMG_5714Tan-agan Beach has just the best crystal clear beach in the whole Isla de Carabao. We spent four hours of swimming. I had 30 minutes of sunbathing. Now, I look like Kokey with uneven skin tone. lolIMG_5644Maganda magduyan sa tabi nga dagat pero pag wala kang partner, di gagalaw ang duyan  So, hanggang Instagram nalang tayo. Walang galaw galaw. Haha!

8. SEA-SWINGIMG_5613A swing at the shore? No problem. Still in Tan-agan beach. Question: Dalawa talaga dapat? Pag swing partner pa din? Dapat pa-couple? Walang lugar ang single sa Tan-agan? Problema mo, Tan-agan?IMG_5698Oo na. Tama na. Mag-swing ka hanggang mahilo ka at malunod sa pagmamahal niya.

9. THE WHEEL OF FORTUNEIMG_5866This the wheel that will not take you places. Mag-isa kang uupo, mag-isa kang tatayo. Tapose, picture lang at post. End of story.

10. ALL THE BEACHES IN CARABAO ISLANDIMG_5781All the beach areas in the island are just Instagram-ready.IMG_5804Just look for a partner to take good photos. Play with some tones and make your own preset. Gusto mo turuan kita gumawa ng preset? Gusto mo turuan kitang magmahal?IMG_5807Kapag walang partner, friends lang. Pwede na ýan. Malay mo madevelop ang picture.IMG_5811There you have it, my top ten most IG-ready spots in Carabao Island. ‘Di man ako nasa IG mo, ang importante, nandiyan ako sa puso mo. Okay, last na.ROMBLONI hope you get to have someone (your friends, wag OA) to take your photos with you. So, more than just getting the best photos, you get the best memories for life in this beautiful and orgasmic aesthetic island.

And oh, we went DIY. So, you can contact Sir Jun-jun 09266554445 for tour services, and Kameo Lodge for your accommodation 09175487960.

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