IMG_0990#Adulting has been hitting me hard since last year. Maybe, it shot up high because as young sa 22, I had the foresight of having the kind life of wanted in the next half of the decade.

I got my first ever brand new car in 2018 (not that I hope to have another one in the next years). Let’s just say, comfort is non-negotiable. This year, too, I have just warmed up my new home, my mancave as my cousin branded.

Let me share some snaps of my new lair and my housewarming party.

IMG_1010Having my own lair is such a milestone of the #AdultingLife and I tell you….it is sooooooooooo challenging especially if you are hands-on with everything, from the electrical plan to the glass walls, from the colors and design of the tiles of the CR to the positioning and even the measurements of my own glass bar and the high stools, from what books to display and what magazines to file, from what kind of pots to use to the bedsheets to be used in my bedroom. 😊

IMG_1013 I stuck to my plain white walls, glass furnitures for the bar and the center table, dark colored wood dining and bar stools and neutral colored sofa.

IMG_1018I bought a new TV for my usual movie and series marathon. 🤤IMG_1015My friend, Nance and Joselito during my housewarming: the first honors. LolIMG_1019   Prepared Nosh-inspired pulutan for a more vibrant party for my friends. IMG_1022Fam, of course. 💚IMG_0856IMG_0857So after almost seven months (just the actual work except that the planning stage started two years ago pa) of hardwork, dedication, financial focus (lotta things to pay🤭), construction and interior designing every after work, I decided to throw a housewarming last night and it was a blaaaaaaast!

IMG_1056IMG_1059IMG_1097IMG_0152Blogger friends, welcome! IMG_1140IMG_1141IMG_1142IMG_1029IMG_1102IMG_1086IMG_1090IMG_1077IMG_1068IMG_1071

Thank you fam and walwal friends for coming and finally warming up my new home with booze, nosh and unli fruit salad lol

As it continues to hit me harder, it makes me tougher to face the battle of life as it is.

Game face on, monkeys! Check out my housewarming party vid by Mcwarren Production. Party Vid