3L Series 2One thing blogging taught me for eight years now is to treat writing and online sharing as a craft and not a trade. While most people rely on social media as ‘I-cannot-live-without-it’ commodity, I continue doing my own little share of spreading the word of using it responsibly by doing annual talks about RUSM and other topics to different sectors outside work.IMG_9106Though just a small circle is reached, I am glad and proud that I did something – that while I learn more of life lessons, I get to share it with more people. So welcome to my 2nd 3L series.

During the first six months of 2018, I shared about Finding your Balance (When you have set your goals, learn to function not only towards that end but function with all your circle – your family, friends, even co-workers), about you Having Your Own Season (A time for everything!), Having a Few, Real Friends (Do not stay with people who do not value you and your friendship. They will just use you for personal gain. So, before everything gets complicated, erase their names on your life board), Appreciating the Little Things and Investing on Yourself.

Check it out by clicking this link 3L 2018 First Half


As this one sounds a bit of a BV, this could lead us to a better understanding of each other’s principles and beliefs. When Catriona Gray was body shamed because of her back, she proved that, more than just a silver lining, beauty is confidence with the brains. And that decision and judgment of the majority needs to change.DCIM100GOPROGOPR2129.And just like how most people would think that if you know something about the economy, about the socio-psycho development of human beings and the diverse history of the marginalized regions, you become boring and irrelevant. Then, you become the subject of ‘oh, I don’t care about what you say and that I don’t give a fck about it’. Why the why is this happening? You are wronged because you know something and because you know how to use you braincells to articulate your arguments, knowledge and expertise on something that makes the society functional. How is that a shame?20131202-204138.jpgAnd now if you still do not comprehend me, stop saying “fine, you’re the smart one!” just because you can’t keep up. Let us stop the culture of anti-intellectualism because in the first place, we cannot have what we have today, our freedom and democracy even if not because of the intellect of the people in the history of the Republic of the Philippines.17Foster learning and curiosity, do not stop it from growing.


No matter how hard work is, love it like you do with your family and treat the people at work your siblings (do not eyebrow raise me! haha). A little of respect and patience towards understanding each other’s differences will surely reduce tension and stress at your workplace.power-ranger.jpgRemember though that too much love will kill you; thus, I suggest you keep your cool during rough times and do not let work stresses get the better of you.

Always uphold the core values and let compassion surface. I am not a work guru but, going six years of working as a government employee made me a better person and a better manager.


I grew up in a non-business-minded family and the other side with a very strong blood (with that I mean personality and a sprinkle of pride on the side) but with insufficient temper. Honestly, it was so hard to manage. But with mistakes noted, I learned how to convert those negativities into opportunities.IMG_20150402_170025You might ask how and why. How – through travelling, meeting new people, learning new cultures. Why – for self-fulfillment.

Being able to master all the memorable wrongs will make all the future memories right.


If you have watched the movie Miss You Already, you will understand the power of real friendship, learning when not to overstep and when does cancer and depression become a bully.IMG_7879Solitude is not loneliness. Stop faking it and learn to love yourself and the people around you. Make this world a better place to live in.IMG_3318IMG_6369DSC04085IMG_6443We are here. I am here. Let us talk. Talk and share.I hope what I learned can guide you, too. Just do not mind my photos in between. 🙂

If you liked this series, feel free to share online. I would love learning what you guys have learned so far and will be learning though time. Cheers to good life!