I have diligently tried writing about all of my travels in 2018 to have something to go back to when times get rough or when I need something to reflect on (aside from the fact that I was surprised I have been having blog visits in the past months when I have NOT blogged anything at those times and I just renewed my premium account).TKYQ1380It’s not for money. I never earned money from this. I just want to write when I am happy, when I have something to talk about especially travels, when I am depressed, when I have learned huge life lessons and when I just feel like maximizing my blog payments. Haha!UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_8This year is one of my busiest at work (I got crazy breakouts during the last quarter of 2018) and for a year, I have always gone home tired. I might have skipped gym for quite some time (because of work, I know it’s no excuse..but) but I’m definitely going going back in shape this 2019. *fade in dreamy music*

While I might ‘foster negativity’ in this world with ‘silver lining’, let me share to you, NOT my resolutions and lists of to-dos, but my planned and unplanned travels this year which made me a better person and expanded my understanding about life, culture and differences.IMG_5941Metro Manila has been a ‘suki’ for my ins and outs of the island where I live – Guimaras. But that’s for work and I will not delve on that now because I would need to flip my planner and jot, further eating my time and your time my dear reader whoever you are. Please do comment if you did read even just a line by the way 😉2018 year end copySo, here’s my incomplete Travel Recap 2018. 


Not because of the death defying experience going up, Nagpatong Rock Formation is a real killer – not the extremely unpleasant thing but a bad-ass, majestic trekking site to behold.Over the weekend, I flew to Manila with the purpose of clearing my mind from all the stresses of my life (too much workload and more); so, I decided, after consulting with my friends, to go up the renowned mountain in Tanay, Rizal famed by the movie Love You to the Stars and Back.

Click this link to see full story NAGPATONG ROCK IS A KILLER

SOUTH KOREANVYF8802There is something about South Korea that grips my spirit – something that pushes me to go back there. When I reached Incheon International Airport after a 5-hour plane ride from Kalibo (invaded by the Chinese – the rowdiest people I have ever met), there I realized how fascinating this country is, from the efficient systems at the airport to a wide array of tourism destinations you can choose from (I’m certain you’re gonna have a hard time so I suggest find a friend or a Filipino there or get a tour package when you reach the airport). VSCT8801

Not a fan of K-Pop or Korean renowned cosmetics but the blogs and stories I have heard and read about this country amused me. So, let me share snippets of our 48-hour trip in Seoul, South Korea sleeping included by clicking this link South Korea Blog

MYEONGDONGAFXU4191Seoul can be like one pricier city in Asia. So be more choosy with the purchases when you go around Myeongdong shopping. There’s a lot of great great awesome buys you can choose from. You can buy cool sweaters at 10000 W (approx 500php) I got used to buying souvenirs at cheapest price but this street’s different. While most suggest to not convert money, I highly demand you do especially if our trip is on budget. But if you have unli-swipes with you, Myeongdong is a perfect hub. 

HONGDAEIMG_7424On our second day, my good Korean friend, Luke joined us in a tour in Hongdae. It is one instagrammable spot which transforms at night. From coffee to craft beer, from traditional Korean food to global fusion of dishes, from school kids to party animals.

DONGDAEMUNKBVE1188Dongdaemun is every shopper’s beautiful nightmare. There are about 26 malls in this area alone which could be dissected into over, 30,000 shops, both aboveground and underground, so better buckle up to avoid frostbite when strolling around this place.

NANDAEMUNOHXP5579We also went to the Catholic Church in Dongdaemun where Filipinos meet every Sunday and during the other days of the week.PFPG0384I started collecting memories in South Korea. It totaled to only 48 hours but I know I’ll be back for more. 


After the first quarter, I kind of paused for awhile and focused on work as I handled the cultural exchange program of our province to the US. We brought 29 cultural performers in New York to perform in the 120th Philippine Independence Day.IMG_7879Guimaras is surely the island that fits your taste.IMG_9192With my friends, we mostly stayed in the island. Check out one story at GET SOLITUDE IN PUNTALAWI

NEW YORK, USAIMG_1634This is one of the decent photos I had in New York. I worked and worked for more than a week. It was very challenging and fulfilling at the same time. And uhm, we got lost in New Jersey at 2 in the morning. Went back to the hotel at almost 5 am, walking along the highway which luckily did not put us into jail.IMG_2232I am definitely going back knowing the warmth of Filipinos and those that we met from the Consulate, to the Embassy to the City Mayors and State Officials. As one of the young ambassadors of peace, this mission was for our country. Naks!

TORONTO, CANADAIMG_3465Just like how diverse Canada is with its natives and immigrants (of course, topped by Filipinos with 15.6% of the total adoptive citizens), food tourism is what they must be very proud of. And in Toronto, being the largest city in Canada by population, lies a bright concrete jungle that will take you to another realm (especially if you are from the tropics like the Philippines in my case).IMG_2788After years of virtual communication, my Uncle picked me up at T. Pearson Airport because my Aunt still had to catch things at work and get done for my short stay at their beautiful home in Mississauga. It was just the “family emergency” reason that gave me and my Uncle almost whole of the afternoon to ourselves just catching up and touring around their house (they want me to call my “home” too which makes it sweeter). And that family emergency thing turned our quite well for him I guess.IMG_3178My Uncle and I tried to prank my Aunt: that I fell asleep and got so exhausted and tired from work and travel. When I was about to surprise her in the living room, she suddenly came out of the kitchen and I got the dose of my own medicine. But that was one of the sweetest moments ever – seeing your family on the other side of the world.TorontoFor four days, I was the king of the grill with my Aunt Diday and Uncle Paul’s welcome treat with my cousin and Aunt Lally.

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IMG_5661And this year’s most challenging travel is HK. When you think of travelling to Hong Kong, being alone can be one of the best options. Yes, it seems scary but sure you will get to meet new people, listen to their stories and take a step higher of self-fulfillment.IMG_5190And honestly, one of the biggest lesson I learned this year is to never plan a trip with the people who do not have the word of honor and people who are not humans.

Cheers for 2018 and start your 2019 with a new and better version of you.

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So, restore your emotional margin and plan out your travels for 2019!