When you think of travelling to Hong Kong, being alone can be one of the best options. Yes, it seems scary but sure you will get to meet new people, listen to their stories and take a step higher of self-fulfillment.IMG_4962When I decided to go to Hong Kong, it was a random decision I made since some friends from Iloilo who are based in another country. Sadly, with their inhuman tendencies, they ditched me.IMG_5061As a strong, independent human being that I am, I did not let the disappointment get the better of me. Instead, I used my head over my heart. I started studying about the place, from its topography to its railway system. IMG_5697 2It was no perfect itinerary since there is so much to see and discover in the former British colony. I listed a few and told myself, ‘whatever it is, it will be”. So, I pushed my trip since my authority to travel abroad and application for leave as a government employee was already approved.IMG_5751It was easy-peasy. Maybe because I have learned how to deal with other people and their respective peculiarities. In a Filipino’s layman’s tongue, I was a notch lower than “walang hiya” and “walang hiya-hiya”.IMG_5504More than just having somebody to help you take photos and memories, it is quite a remarkable milestone for me to open somebody else’s book and stories.IMG_5022First thing to secure, aside from all your documents e.g. passport, bookings, IDs etc, make sure to have their octopus card. It is accepted in almost all the establishments in Hong Kong – from transportation, to restaurants and tourism sites.

Keep loaded through 7/11 stores and MTR stations.IMG_5222I stayed in Chung King Mansions in Tsim Sha Tsui, one of the most famous backpacking places in Hong Kong. I arrived early in the morning so I had to wait a little bit more since the check-in time is 2 pm. But because I barely slept during the waiting time and the flight itself, I decided to check-in earlier.IMG_4993For an array of accommodation establishment choices, Booking.com has one of the cheapest rates if you are on budget travel. Fun experience is that, with my three nights of stay, I have met almost all the races in the world. IMG_5017That very first day, I met Reggie, a bank marketing officer. We first had some streetfood treats and we tried McDonald’s Gourmet Coffee Shop.IMG_4996We got lost somewhere and ended up taking photos in Kowloon Park, the biggest in the area and also known as the ‘green lung’ because of public gardens, paths and aviaries.IMG_5141We took the train going to Lantau Island to experience the cable car and visit Ngong Ping Village with the Giant Buddha while sharing stories about each other’s life stories.IMG_5605 2IMG_5619IMG_5887I booked a round trip glass cabin tour via Klook. IMG_5190After the long train ride, we went restaurant hunting for dinner.IMG_5203On my second day (August 11, 2018), I met Tita Marycris, the Aunt of my good friend, Chuckie. IMG_5233I was on the busy streets of Tsim Sha Tsui, waiting for her, hoping we see and recognize each other. Because if we had not met at that time, I would have the whole Saturday for myself – real me time.IMG_5226But among the throng of Indians and Chinese, her energy stood out. It was very contagious and it seemed like we have been long gone friends.IMG_5230We visited the church where she serves and gave me a Hong Kong noodle treat. Beef Brisket or Ngao Lam Ho with white noodles. Tong Lai Cha. While having the great lunch with her, she shared her life story and even invited me to go back there again (when her bosses will be on travel).IMG_4989Back in the Philippines on my third day (August 11, 2018), there was a storm and the weather in Hong Kong was not very conducive for travelling. But it did not stop me from visiting FOR THE FIRST TIME, the happiest place on Earth.IMG_5250I booked my Disneyland ticket via Klook for a hassle free entrance. No words could describe how happy I was at that time.IMG_5254




IMG_5259 2IMG_5264 2IMG_5266 2IMG_5276 2IMG_5295IMG_5296IMG_5303 2IMG_5349IMG_5410IMG_5411IMG_5430IMG_5445IMG_5455IMG_5473IMG_5483IMG_5488IMG_5505IMG_5509IMG_5514IMG_5532And on my last day, I had a chance to be with my friend’s Aunt who works in Hong Kong.  Meet Tita Bebing. She was so nice and she introduced me to the other domestic helpers in Hong Kong.IMG_5652It was so inspiring to see them flooding the streets of Hong Kong every Sunday – the only time of the week they can be each other.IMG_5615Their hardwork has not only helped raise their families but generally, their remittances to the country.IMG_5733IMG_5734The Peak!IMG_5661My trip here might have started rough but I was able to establish new bonds of friendship and more stories to tell.IMG_5543I might have started this trip alone.

I might have been ditched.

But, surely, I am going back to Hong Kong and I am sure I am NEVER going to be alone.