I started practicing having a planner way back 2012 when I started working. From Navi to Starbucks, from a US-Store bought one to now Seattle’s Best Dream Journal. Not that I take note all my daily and long term goals but just have a guide so I do not miss out things especially at work. IMG_5830Years passed and (as honest and dope like your BFF’s new partner), I have seen how I developed in terms of planning and organizing (my life at work basically since that’s where I get funds to get my life working good). Along the way, while I targeted things (with some so eccentric and unconventional you may find unusual like having a random unaccustomed haircut and learning a foreign language just because I’m tired of speaking our dialect), I learned a lot in life. TKYQ1380Though everything might not go my way, I am happy sharing things I learned this year (so, my mediocre creative mind led me to the title above this piece and I hope you find it cool because it’s gonna be a series! yay, but it means hardwork for me for more content because I want to be very personal and not just because).img_2826This 3L thing will entail the first six months of the year 2018 (like a research, so technical, so it’s better time-bound):DCOR8426


Alright, two things: /First/ When you have set your goals, learn to function not only towards that end but function with all your circle – your family, friends, even co-workers. It is a plus if you have a very ‘thriving’ romantic relationship. Your circle will help stabilize your system (emotions, support and love, if you know what I mean) once something in your track gets out of the road towards your goal.15895273_1568688089813519_313651656392266312_n If you set your energy, all for that goal and you overlooked your circle, once there is failure, you will lose your balance. Thus, you will not be whole. You will not be complete. You will not be happy.16112946_1568688156480179_4749907968208151813_o/Second/ When you still do not have your goals set, focus on your circle. Nurture them. Give them time. Soon, without you knowing, light will be shed leading your way towards your own goal in life. And, to not lose your balance, do not forget your circle (as stated in the First).IMG_3465In short, huwag puro lovelife. Kausapin si Mama or Papa and tell them you love them. If #Awkward, inom lang ng isang Red Horse Beer pampawala ng inhibitions. Or you can randomly hug your friends and if they ask why, just smile and walk away.


Allow your self to suck. Allow your self to fail. Failure leads to success. The more you fail, the more you become stronger. And, (I’m gonna be a bit redundant here) time will come, you will have the ‘time of your life’. So, trust your failures. Do not rush being epic because being epic mostly is a surprise. You don’t expect one, it’ll come when you least expect it.IMG_9394You may not get your dream job now. You may not have a perfect lifelong partner or the promotion you have been dying for. You may not have the 100% trust and acceptance of your family and friends. You may not have a perfect balance of the three, but trust me, you will have your own season. And, when that time comes, you will have your own spotlight up on your own stage.001In short, huwag magmadali magkalovelife or magkatrabaho or mapromote or mag-asawa. Hindi po ito paunahan. Life is not a race that whoever kisses the tape first wins. In reality, it is the journey of the training that counts, the discipline you learned and the people and even animals around that helped you along the way. Konting antay lang and dadating ka din sa bus stop.IMG_1634So the next time, someone asks you “Why are you STILL single?” with emphasis on “still”, tell them to mind their own fckn business.


This may be relative but I will be as honest and as direct to the point as possible.DCIM100GOPROGOPR3137.Do not stay with people who do not value you and your friendship. They will just use you for personal gain. So before everything gets complicated, erase their names on your life board.IMG_2790More simply, it’s not maarte to choose friends. You have the freedom to choose. It’s not like you can choose who your parents will be. So, since libre ang pumili ng kaibigan, pumili ka ng taong iisipin ka, maasahan at bibigyan ka ng halaga. Huwag tayo dun sa plastic, abusive and andiyan lang during the good times at kinakalimutan ka pag happy sya.


It is inevitable having rough, bad times. Shit happens, yes. But do not forget how beautiful this world is. IMG_1271Look for spot to see the sunset or the skyline or the sunrise. It is mushy but if you do appreciate the little things, you will have more things to be thankful for.

IMG_9919In other words, tigilan na ang pag-iyak pag-iniwan ng boyfriend or girlfriend. Mag-move on ka na din pag may time at agad agad. Masarap ang buhay, hindi yung taong sinaktan ka kahit nasarapan ka sa kanya noon.


Because of the stressors around us, we become weak. We set priorities on things that will eventually fail. But it is okay, just try to become more proactive by investing on yourself. So, when the time comes that those priorities fail you, you can still live your life with lesser damages and you can bounce back on track easily.IMG_5951If you feel like buying something worth your one-month salary, go buy it if it will make you happy. Just save on for the rainy days because there will always be a bad weather coming.UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_dIn short, huwag puro bigay. Dala lang ‘yan ng pag-ibig or infatuation. Wake up and make yourself happy without other people. You want an i-watch? Buy one. While you can, travel and reboot your system by experiencing different cultures and meeting new people of different perspectives, go. You want abs, go work out. Do not sit and give your all to someone who will just leave you when they can, at anytime they want when you get fat.IMG_9106So, there you go. I hope what I learned so far mid this year can guide you, too. Just do not mind my photos in between. Haha!

If you liked this series, feel free to share online. I would love learning what you guys have learned so far and will be learning though time. Cheers to good life!3L Series