Check-Your-Ipon Challenge 2018

I have seen a post online about a simple matrix on how to make your ‘ipon’ or savings more challenging but at the same, strategic.

So here’s my own version of Check-Your-Ipon Challenge 2018. In here, you can separate one coin or bill and note from the other. While you get to save one, you shade a check on this poster.


You get some stress out of your system because of course, most of the causes you get them from are the stresses in your life. Mostly, it’s about money – the lack of financial stability, etcetera and so on.

Next, it’s sometimes fun doing little things like these for when you monitor you savings, you also monitor your life.

Then in case the coins columns will not be enough for your purse, you can print another copy of the design and continue to count. I tell you, its therapeutic.

In case the paper bills are way too heavy for your pockets, you can always use a cutter or scissor, just to, you know, assess your limits.

If the year is about to end and you believe you can’t pull this challenge off, don’t worry because I know a bigger challenge in your life was survived.

And no matter how small your savings willΒ  be, at least you did something only a few from 7 billion people in the world do.


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