I guess the most important thing I have learned this year is how to objectively answer people who ask me why I love to travel.DSC03650The last time a friend asked me, I told him: “I love to travel because it restores my emotional margin like a computer that got rebooted”. And he is like, “Ah, okay.”DSC03800Most of my travels this year are unplanned and somehow, it was liberating. I got to choose and decide without wincing and weighing everything because if it is the otherwise, it would not be the same. So let me share some of the places and best experiences I had last 2017 through my annual Travel Recap.DSC036541. SPOKANE COUNTY, WASHINGTON STATE15800315_1556739827675012_1624783396671760676_oWas able to spend the new year with my family from the other side of the world. That’s my Aunt, Uncle, Fred and the two babies.DSC04085It was my first time to experience snow and it was soooo majestic (for the first two or three days) but beyond that, it will be extremely lethal and depressing.

2. SILVER VALLEY, IDAHO16112946_1568688156480179_4749907968208151813_oOne of the best experiences I had was to visit Silver Mountain in Northern Idaho State. It was deadly freezing. Had so much fun snowboarding for the first time with my cousins that I missed so much. Almost broke my legs but glad not have totally wrecked it and I felt like a toddler trying to get the perfect baby steps.

3. CITY OF SEATTLE15776788_1556676177681377_4945424200126255352_oSo lucky to have gone up the iconic Space Needle and other nearby tourist spots such as the Rail and the Museum of Pop Culture. Seattle copyMore of other stories on Going Downtown Seattle 

4. COEUR D’ ALENE CRUISE TO THE NORTH POLEDSC04144Visited Santa Claus Island through this cruise.

5. LEAVENWORTH, GERMAN TOWNDSC04470German feels all the way in this small town. The architecture. The huge horses. The beautiful German poles. The kiosks of different instagrammable stuff and souvenirs. Untitled-1You can check the rest of my experiences by reading this —> US Trip

6. HOT AIR BALLOON FESTIVAL, CLARK PAMPANGAUNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_dWhen I was a kid, I used to daydream about flying up high Jack’s Beanstalk using a hot air balloon. Now that I am a little older (by that I mean just passing by a quarter-life crisis), I realized it is expensive to just watch them fly at a distance let alone getting in the balloon basket. So, that will remain a dream.Hot Air Baloon copyBeing able to join the crowd of the Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Clark, Pampanga this year is but a dream come true. More stories at PH Hot Air Balloon Fiesta Up High

7. BORACAY ISLANDIMG_5934Boracay is not a site for me anymore. I hate seeing it get destroyed. I know you and I can snap great photos and experience from this beautiful island but what we leave not just memories but trash and waste.


This island is my home and i am so happy so have spent the summer just here around with my friends and family. I’m sure you will have Mangoes and More in our island.



IMG_8896An island in the Philippines that breaks hearts and heal them? It might be true in Bantayan Island, Cebu.IMG_9088Check out my stories at Broken Hearts in Bantayan Island

11. Sorry I put this in. This is one of my greatest milestones. My Master’s Degree from UP! And yes, somewhere i travelled to get to my graduation and I was late! Lol



IMG_594815. ENCHANTED KINGDOMIMG_5953IMG_5948IMG_5952IMG_595316. CHINATOWN, MANILAIMG_595417. DEVELOPMENT ACADEMY OF THE PHILIPPINESIMG_595718. LAGUINDINGAN, CAGAYAN DE OROIMG_595819. BEIJING, CHINAIMG_2852This Beijing trip is not really on my bucket list. But, because of some misfortune I would not like to hash over in the second quarter of this year, I decided to get in this trip without wincing.

1111When you finally decide to visit China, make sure to consider the following: first, be sure to not hesitate spending your money because every destination has its own strategic way of earning something from the tourists, and for you it means, bankruptcy if you let them get into your pockets.ISCVE9830 (7)And *drum roll* The Great Wall of China!IMG_2382 copyMore stories at 16 Must-See Places in BeijingChina blog copy

There you have it. My Travel Recap 2017. I hope this is not too late yet to share. Thank you for being a part of my year. Love you, monkeys! Love, jaypeeneutron.