An island in the Philippines that breaks hearts and heals them? It might be true in Bantayan Island, Cebu.IMG_8916I have known some friends that labelled Bantayan Island in Cebu as an island that breaks relationships. Or if you are lucky, you get to enjoy it at first and eventually, you will break up the time you least expect it to happen.IMG_8929Well, they say once is a chance, twice is coincidence and thrice is a pattern. Two of them friends had some serious heartbreaks. See the pattern and the sampling is census; the population is their ‘circle of friends’. So, the margin of error is very low.IMG_9088However, again, though, hahaha, broken hearts also heal when you get to this destination. Point here is, whatever the status of your heart is, this island is worth it, just like the person who will love you now and forever. 😉IMG_9078That is how I would like to make you feel about Bantayan Island. No words can really describe its untouched beauty and its power to appreciate your heart, what you feel and how to protect it.IMG_8924If Kalibo has Boracay and Palawan has Coron, Cebu has Bantayan Island (don’t judge my logic, I am emotionally unstable finishing off this blog post)IMG_8925Bantayan Island is part of Cebu Province. The most common way to go there is via Cebu City.IMG_8926So here are the quickest steps: 1. Fly to Cebu, 2. Go to North Bus Terminal (you may choose Grab, Uber whichever) 3. Ride a Ceres bus to Hagnaya Port, 4. Ride a ferry to Sta. Fe Port, 5. Make your way to the Tourism Office for inquiries for DIY and you get to choose a resort that gives free pick up at the port like we did (in this resort)IMG_86816.Then, be free as a bird.IMG_8892I know you can search other sites and blogs to provide you information of how-to-gos and what-to-dos. You may get other tips and hacks online but this island has this gravity that pulls me to go back there.IMG_9085I’m sharing some of our snaps and of course, the title of this post speaks it all, during our trip.IMG_9084This became renowned because of the movie Camp Sawi. The movie was about a group of women that went to the island to move on from their devastating break-ups.IMG_9082The filmmakers might have felt the same peace I felt when I set my toes in the island. The ambiance is therapeutic. Refreshing. All your problems will vanish into thin or thick air whatever. You want to heal the wounds? Book a place here and you might meet your own doctor. IMG_9091Another great thing I love about this place is you can go around the island in a day by renting a bike or a motorcycle.IMG_9076Dito, bawal mahulog.IMG_9081By biking, you may discover by yourself without a guide even. A little talk to friendly locals would do.IMG_9087The best part is the island-hopping adventure. We went to Virgin Island. Oooh virgin.IMG_8923 Stayed there for some dip and sand somersault. I just don’t really like too much heat so I kept myself cold under the shades of the trees sleeping on a hammock.IMG_8930I’m lucky I’m not a virgin it would make this picture redundant.IMG_8922Lots of instagrammable spots. A few hours is never enough.IMG_9100And this is my favorite snap during this trip. I can be your lifeguard. I may have unseen something important, but i care for your life.IMG_8896IMG_8914And the memory that will make me come there is not really a memory but the food of Chef Panyang. All kinds of seafood you wish to devour will be right in front of you, sizzling and at a very (very) affordable price. The serving is so generous and its just sooooo yummy.IMG_8920Everyday we looked forward to eating there, like every meal is a the last meal we will have in the beautiful island. Check out her website at’m sure there is quite a challenge in labeling such a beautiful place as something for the “sawi”, the “heartbroken”, the “iniwan”, but it can also be a place to meet new people, a place to comtem…comten..contemplate about life, about love, about career, about family.

That’s why Bantayan Island is a place I want to go back to, definitely not with BROKEN HEARTS. I hope you, too.