Like a child enrapturing my lonesome day at work was the same joyful feeling I had when a colleague told us they are opening a coffee shop just across the building where I work. Finally, a coffee shop in Guimaras, I kneel to the Gods.daj-copyDaj Café is the newest hub for the cool, the hungry and coffee lovers in Guimaras. When you feel like the world is turning against your will, don’t grab more grub but grab a cup of their ambrosial brewed coffee and murder a moist chocolate cake.img_0636If you want a hideaway from work, urban bustle and feel instagram-ready snaps, visit this cool place and see for yourself. img_0637Instagram ready, save some data for the love of coffee with your mates, friends and family at Infinity Building, just at the back of Cignal Office in front of the Provincial Capitol.img_0711
Have some home-made sweet treats for your frenemies, dainty snacks, hot coffee, cold brew, frappe, smoothie, milkshake and many more. img_0638This lemon nectar in a bulb will surely put a smile on your steamed up face as you fill your sight with books and toys.img_0794The interior will give yourself a break, the happiest break up from your present relationship.That of course I’m still doubtful about, too. lolimg_0642Since the place is a little bit tight for a crowd, they plan to expand up the same building to cater not only Guimarasnons but for the upcoming #ManggahanFestival2017 guests. Something I am also very thrilled about since I gonna have a long list of guests coming over and this is one decent place to keep them up, happy.img_0648So their Smoothies are Sensual, Alluring, Desirable and Tempting. Choose the best answer or you may choose how adorable you can get with a drink in your hand.img_0643They also have these cookies which I think are so healthy for me. Physically and mentally. I hope they get to bake more though. (Please, Maam Brends Haha!)img_0697Take your pick from their fries, cold brew and milkshake.img_0698Pasta and bunwiches to load up.img_0724Take-out or to-go and pre-orders for pick up are never a hassle for their youthful and vibrant team.img_0739And where to hang out with your friends instead of beer? This is indeed the best place to chill in Guimaras if work gets in the way hard and life gives you lemons sore.img_0653I am just so happy there is finally a coffee shop in Guimaras. Time will never run out so are the memories, good talks and fun snaps in Daj Café.img_0730Time for kape. Time for tambay. Time for Daj!

Visit Guimaras, the Island that Fits Your Taste for Coffee.