blogI have had one of the best years of my life and its 2016. Had my first out-of-the country and my USA dream came true. Here’s my travel recap for 2016.1Looking back in 2014 when it became a social bandwagon to visit the place because of the movie That Thing Called Tadhana, people from the metro have already had the crunch of why it has been a cool place to go to, literally and figuratively; thus I decided to have a taste of what it’s like to have the #SagadaFeels by myself.23For this trip, Hanging Coffins in Echo Valley, Sagada was on top of my wishlist. While it is very unorthodox to have your loved ones hanged on a mass of rock or cave in this day and age, I fancied the reason behind this interesting practice so when the tour guide shared the story of the tribe behind it, I found it very logical enough.

Check out my blog through this link SAGADA: Moving Mountains2Before we got ourselves the sweet escape and time to rejoice the long weekends and holidays, this is a memorable snap for I have come back to Baguio City after five years. Before, it was a national competition so I didn’t get to enjoy that much. Now is different for the money I used is the money I have worked hard for.3Of course my very own Guimaras Island is always on the list. Going on an island hopping adventure has always been magical for me.4We went from one island to another traversing two towns.4I have always been here in my favorite city to discover new places and new memories to collect.IMG_1320Sugbu, the local term for Cebu, has always been close to my heart. Two years ago, I came up with  40 Reasons Why I Have to Go Back to Cebu City. Two years thereafter, I went back there. Again. And. Again.IMG_1332Metro Cebu and its neighboring areas will brim you with so much excitement and new adventure that will surely add on to your memory collection. Whether rough treks or solemn kneeling and food hunting is your taste, Cebu has it all.

Check out my stories by clicking this hyperlink HOT PICKS: 7 New Cebu Experiences You Must Try5If Guimaras has Pagtaltal sa Balaan Bukid, Visita Iglesia in Manila Churches, Senakulo in Pampanga, Salubong in Camarines Sur, and other provinces gather pilgrims for Semana Santa and holy week rituals and traditions, Cebuanos go to Simala Shrine, and pay homage in the church and kneel for prayers to be answered.IMG_1265This became quite popular because of several miracles and answered prayers as attested by letters and photos of people who have gone there to pray and wish for some things which were granted. Inside, you get to see all over the boards testimonials from people who have been cured or miraculously survived serious illnesses and those who have successfully passed licensure examinations.6On top of my list is this extreme nature adventure. Up to now, I still can’t find the best word to describe the four-hour ‘buwis-buhay’ expedition.  You guys really have to see this place. This a treat to those you prefer extraordinary trips.IMG_1066Canyoneering (others call  it canyoning, gorging or kloofing) is an adventure sport or just a random hike or traveling down steep and narrow canyons using a variety of styles that may include trekking, hiking, rock-gliding, boulder hopping, rock climbing, jumping, swimming and even spelunking.7They say it’s a diver’s haven and the gateway to the aqua kingdom. But, let me tell you something truthful since I didn’t stay there long. The place is very common. But if you want some time beach slickin skinny dippin with your rainbow tents and the extreme summer heat, it’s a good place to be. You can have a DIY day tour in Moalboal  if you’re from South Cebu. They call it white beach but somehow disagree.8Not the Grand Canal that snakes in the city with stone palaces afloat the marsh-like waters with crocodiles, beavers and frogs but a fun, cheery mall in Mckinley Hills, in Taguig City, Philippines that got me like, ‘I wish their sewerage system is as good as how good it looks like’.header copyIf the City of Love has Plazuela De Iloilo, Taguig has the Venice Grand Canal Mall that caters guests and their preferences. From food to sightseeing, from brisk-walking to just walking. From photo-banking to splurging. From public display of affection to ‘tagu-an ng feelings’ and friendzoning.

Check it out at Venetian Vibes at Mckinley Hills9This is the very first country outside the Philippines that I have set foot on. Such beautiful small city with lots of life changing opportunities.10How a quick stay in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia will make you crave to explore more places in the world will be partly uncovered in this blog post.  Explore the towering and unspoiled cultural acceptance of the people living there and the destinations that made them the City of Contrasts & Diversity.

Check it out at 10 Fun Things to Experience in Kuala LumpurDCIM100GOPROGOPR1564.Bangkok is also very interesting. Looks like Manila at first sight but the temples  make it unique.img_2652As per usual, their streetfood is the best.1Panglao  Island was also the trip I had the most active hiatus, if that makes sense. img_4309-copyCheck out my stories by clicking this link. Beautiful Bohol x Panglao Island12And lastly, my 31-day trip to the US was just the best thing that happened to me. I got to visit my family, my Aunt, My Uncle and my cousins.16112946_1568688156480179_4749907968208151813_oSnowboarding with my cousins. 🙂15895273_1568688089813519_313651656392266312_nMy cousin being so patient with my lame legs. lol15676131_1546863671995961_1526662985365635136_oThe cruise we got into in Idaho State.15844521_1556676047681390_5299029305684413685_oFinally! The world renowned Space Needle in Seattle!15776788_1556676177681377_4945424200126255352_oAnd the most important thing is spending the holidays with my family from the other side of the world.15800315_1556739827675012_1624783396671760676_oHappy holidays! Hoping for a fun filled 2017 Travel Recap soon!16266012_1578361805512814_2272246937759429487_nCheers to good life, more travels, healthy sexy body, good work and love for humanity!

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