How a quick stay in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia will make you crave to explore more places in the world will be partly uncovered in this blog post.  Explore the towering and unspoiled cultural acceptance of the people living there and the destinations that made them the City of Contrasts & Diversity.1More than a melting pot of nations and race, Kuala Lumpur (KL) grows to be the city of dreams of Malaysia, a hub for international and heritage tourism and the center for trade and commerce of the country.img_2551This is the border that you have to go through if you are from Singapore. Another bus awaits ready with the best tour guide in our tri-city trip. Here’s some few fun things to do when in KL.


A few minutes from there is a stopover of the new bus. Make sure you have a tour package if you find DIY hard as it is way way cheaper. img_2816Most of them can be seen in the Philippines but they differ in sizes and even some colors just like this monster banana.img_2817The way they call their fruits sounds fun especially to my colleagues who even mimicked the vendor ‘rambutan‘ to human pubes. Sorry for the verbal diarrhea.img_2818It is not fun until you buy some with this power woman, Ms. Angel.img_2185

2. NIGHT WALK FOR FOOD img_2237Located at the heart of KL, restaurants line up or what they call Hawker Center and Cookshops where you can have your gastronomic experience and spread your traveleaters wings. Depends on where you like to eat because there’s a lot, tons.img_2241Real good food with fun people makes the experience more fun-filled. They had Chinese, Malaysian, and Indian food with countless fruit and local delicacy stands, colorful dumplings, overweight ducks, and some stinky cakes.img_2234The place is called Bukit Bintang and Jalan Alor Street.img_2235One of the most active nightly places on the bucket in KL.img_2236


People chattering, single people drinking beers alone, scraping seashells bowls of salted soup and a blind man singing. Of course it’s not true. I was drunk writing this with a bottle of SKOL in my hand.img_2245Not to leave some hugged toilet bowls but just a try of their local beer. It’s like a Malaysian version of ‘Mucho’ of the iron livered in the Philippines. Tasted sweet and slightly bland.


Consider yourself lucky to see this beautiful structure and royal residence of the King’s Palace.DCIM100GOPROG1041443.Consider yourself luckier being called upon by one of his royal guards who manages to hop on a horse for hours and remain diplomatic and honorable.img_2824Though at some quick instance I caught him sleeping. Who else would not? We are not dolphins.img_2827This is the Istana Negara, meaning, The State Palace. Very stately for me to put a ring on it and propose to my great love in front of this gigantic walls.img_2821This is the real Grand Entrance if this gate opens just without the red carpet and the middle finger and hands for slap.img_2826But I guess I need to accept I don’t belong here, nor to you nor to whomever I love that never reciprocated.



img_2565In the middle of nowhere as we headed to Bukit Bintang, we found this small chocolate store.img_2253Afredo’s chocolates are cheaper than the Chocolate Shop to be introduced after this place, next.img_2265While choosing the ‘pasalubong‘ to bring home, share a brighter energy with the Bangladeshi salesman of the store who has a very Filipino humor.


img_2714Cocoa Boutique is one of the most famous chocolate stores in KL as it is part of the city tour.img_2716Upon entrance, a tour guide,  will burn the shop down with her high pitch voice and authoritative manner of speaking.img_2721Processes and management were discussed straight towards the shop inside where chocolate boxes are countless. Didn’t buy any for Alfredo’s is cheaper. img_2727Secretly, we told some friends that they better save some Ringgit for more of the sweets downtown.


img_2724Coffee Town is famous for Malaysian white coffee.img_2723Almost every corner of the shop is instagram-worthy. The interior is so artsy I wished my room looks like it.img_2767Just stare at the interior of the place. You will be happy.img_2728


img_2726Just a morning stroll is something to behold. While it is relative, this creates something valuable if you are in a place of bustle and the medium is not unified. You become a challenger. A boxer. img_2568Noticeable also are the national flags in every corner of the streets.img_2811Here’s a peak of how the streets look during daytime.img_2227


img_2504Was really tired of the city tour but since the group had only one bus, we didn’t have the choice and guts to leave but go to Batu Caves.img_2847 Batu Caves is a popular Hindu shrine outside India. It is dedicated to Lord Murugan, a Hindu deity. Anticipated with a large, colourful annual procession, Thaipusam is also celebrated in the said place where Hindus would fill the entire place.img_2812The golden statue is so tall you need help in taking a selfie. It takes 272 steps to the top by passing this gate.


Finally, one of the most famous spots in KL I dreamed to go to.img_2571Petronas has a sky-bridge which connects the two towers. I have not tried to go up but seeing them is an amusement. Google the beautiful place on how it once hailed as the highest skyscraper in the world not until 2004.

img_2369The trip was so much fun with these ladies. and of course, the purpose was definitely achieved.1Till next time, Malaysia, Truly Asia.

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