header copyNot the Grand Canal that snakes in the city with stone palaces afloat the marsh-like waters with crocodiles, beavers and frogs but a fun, cheery mall in Mckinley Hills, in Taguig City, Philippines that got me like, ‘I wish their sewerage system is as good as how good it looks like’.13Been dreaming of going here since I saw a social media post last year. Had quite a thin chance but my guts would’t let me until I had the chance to go back to the City of Dreams and meet my good friends, Clarisse and Joyce.2If the City of Love has Plazuela De Iloilo, Taguig has the Venice Grand Canal Mall that caters guests and their preferences. From food to sightseeing, from brisk-walking to just walking. From photo-banking to splurging. From public display of affection to ‘tagu-an ng feelings’ and friendzoning.11I am born a romanticist so I find this place beautiful and romantic but the feels was not ideal because of the human traffic. Going there on weekdays is a better idea.001A few minutes ride from Bonifacio Global City, Venice Grand Canal is a both a residential and commercial area built by Megaworld. 10The Mediterranean-inspired structure will make tourists forget that their dogs need food and the heavy traffic in the metro badly wants #Change. A perfect breather to come up with your wedding proposals or even a simple Sundate with your Mom.12Level up the Venetian vibe by hopping in the Gondola, a traditional Venetian rowing boat with malnourished Tweedledee and Tweedledum paddling your 500 pesos.9I just wished the crew could sing to perfect the fancy tickles.12If you are a foodie, this is a place to behold for it will make you happier. Coffee. Pastries. Of course, Italian food overload. 8You gotta catch  ’em all because you deserve the treat with all the ‘hugot’ and stresses everywhere now.4My girls enjoying the ocular inspection of their ‘ari-arian’ and they wish to expand it in all other livable cities in the country.

Joyce: Will make Philippines the archipelagic Venice of South East Asia!

Clarisse: Corny.15Dancing statues everywhere make the ambiance more fun and optimistic.5We got the chance to talk to one of the performers and he was just so ‘bait’ and accommodating. I hope kids will be kind enough not to annoy or bully them.6I sure am coming back to that place because to date, the area is not yet fully occupied with biz establishments and perhaps, strike a snap with other performers because I heard in some days of the week, singers perform there, too. 3At the entrance are these colorful ‘Through the Looking Glass’ like chandeliers  hanging on the ceiling that’ll surely fill your eyes with childhood memories.14These action shoes are made for walking but for me, it’s more of made for a lifelong friendship.16So if pornstars fake their orgasm, I have faked the Venetian vibe but travelling is but a fake that most of us enjoy. Faking is forgetting. Forgetting is moving on. 1And when you fake it, it is not a total sham but rather a wider window to a bigger world.

So how about Italy a few years later? Why not.