Every year, I have travel things-to-do, where-to-go and what-to-eat. This 2015, I feel whole being able to complete my top three wishlist items: Underground River in Puerto Prinsesa, a good place in somewhere in Mindanao (Davao Trip) and having a taste of the famous Bicol Sili Ice Cream.


It is my first time in Bicol Region and it wasn’t as exciting as my previous travels since a workshop awaited us and tons of things to do virtually at work and at school.


Our flight from Manila to Naga City was cancelled, which, according to my friend, always happens. He even said, flights to Naga Airport have always been ‘problematic’. Hence, if you wish to visit Bicol, a good alternative is a flight bound for Legazpi City, Albay. It’s much more convenient, unless you wish to spend one night in the City of Dreams and fall in love with the overly sensationalized traffic.


Got the chance to stroll around the heart of Naga City alone where the Robredos are said to have laid their hearts on. The streets were mostly one-way, the traffic is heavy mostly because of tricycles, busy roads and polluted air infesting; the usual picture of urban bustle.


We tried something chilicious on our first night. Molino Grill offers affordable Bicol dishes that surely will spice up your appetite with an ambiance a little too quirky to make you smile.


Cold concoction proceeded when we tried their famous ice cream. Sili ice cream had three levels. Lame, we chose level 2. It was, yes, spicy and icy. A perfect idea is to have it mixed with either tinutungan or pili nut ice cream, a balm to the spice of that glacial plate rocket.


Don’t go home without trying the cool gourmet dishes out as fast food of Bigg’s Diner, the biggest food chain in Bicol Region. They have delectable chicken and classic meals, pinoy breakfast and pasta blessings and many more matched with 50s feels of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and vintage Chevy or Chrysler New Yorker.


I wish this Korean chain would open in Iloilo soon. They have very yum but affordable spicy dishes especially this Bibimbap, something to wake me up after shedding some tears after watching A Second Chance.


What interests me aside from the adventure is the political set up of Camarines Sur. Marking history, the current Governor is actually the youngest to have ever reached that level, just around my age.


Camarines Sur just has it all. They have a world class adventure park, your taste of mountain ranges and waterfalls, a deer farm, and majestic beaches specifically Caramoan.


What made it incomplete is that I laid down on these greens alone but sober. Having someone beside you while counting the stars and feeling the sun heat seep on your forehead would’ve made this trip more fun. #Senti #Hugot


Camsur Watersports Complex (CWC), proclaimed as one of the best wakeboard parks in the world, taking pride of their six-point cable ski system, is one best ultimate getaway to go wakeboarding and wakeskating.



This is reflected by a bunch of blue-eyed adventure enthusiasts having the time of their lives. Hope they will leave their genes properly though so green or blue-eyed babies will grow up having a complete family.


My CamSur blog trip will be a quick as this. (feeling uninspired right now) I hope you get a thing or two to do if you want to go there.


See you in my next adventure, monkeys!