When love comes in between two hearts parted by chances of distance and maps, every little thing can be a trade-off and long distance relationships or LDR as it is famous for become very beneficial to the couple.distance copyYes, distance is a temporary bitch. It’s not gonna last. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Blah. Blah.

Most of the statements that make us believe that love can really defy the distance. Clearing off the parameters of the relationship is a priority for it creates assurance to your partner let alone the desired security.

But how can really be a long distance relationship so gratifying in the longest term of running? There is chemistry in every beautiful couple but is there a chemical formula for that? There is spark in every touch of the hands but is there any color-of-a-happy-ever-after-kind-of fireworks in the end? There is a thumping in the heart when you see your significant one but is it a declaration of your immunity from heart attack?

Here are the five simple things to learn to make your long distance relationship stronger and much happier, and of how can a couple, in very simple ways, strengthen the relationship.

1. Relationship is an investment.

A bus ride or an airplane won’t pay for itself. It rather depends on your finances but (BUT, take note) INVESTING on something that will make you happy forever will never be a financial and emotional suicide. Investment is developmental, a true cause for sustainable development. Today, you feel your bank accounts be robbed, but later, your passbook won’t contain the happiness the investment will fruit.

2. Have the Same Goal.

The idea that you have survived or have been surviving LDR is also a helpful knowledge that you (BOTH of you) can survive anything. Goal setting is long term. How do you feel if your partner talks about the long term? Feelin’ really good, right? In a way, you also get really good at planning. So have the same goals. Try to find creative bonds. Chase common interests, even if it means pursuing them apart because of the distance. And one best goal is that at the end of a crazy day, week, month or year, you will end in each other’s arms.

3. Maximize communication.

You have ‘me’ time because of LDR, so much of it. But it will always call for an end. Day will come you to talk to someone about your errands, about your high grades, about a latest online article, about a new butt scandal of Justin Bieber or another libelous statement against a presidentiable. Communication is the only channel you have. It is two way so ‘me’ time will just find its own place and in this case, you are lucky for the distance. Maximize communication.

Texting is relative and sometimes in delay, so arrange your overthinking frequencies and find time to talk over the phone daily. Remember, your responsibility in the relationship doesn’t end upon the commitment and by being very understanding because your responsibility in the relationship doesn’t really end at all.

4. Don’t doubt.

Doubt is an essential preliminary of scientific discovery but doubting the person you love and the relationship show that no science can ever cure that. Relationship is not only physical. Simple but very difficult to sustain.

Just, never ever doubt.

A close friend told me once of one of her three cardinal rules with her partner which is ‘not to lie’. You don’t have to tell your partner everything from your shower time and to your daydreams and nightmares, but doing so is an ounce of inspiration for him or her, because at the end of the day, you are far from each other. And if you do that, doubting is lessened.

5. Just don’t enter if you can’t handle it.

If after eight years, that a ‘That Thing Called Tadhana’ happens to you (being dumped and deeply hurt) and you feel like it’s not working and you cannot handle it, say NO to LDR. Just like with transferring places and cities for a better future away from your comfort zone, starting a long distance relationship is a leap of faith. It needs courage from the very beginning, so if you can’t handle it again, don’t go for it because it won’t work out.

So, there you have it! Five simple things to learn if you are in a Long Distance Relationship and if you want to survive it. Hopefully that will be a challenge more than a problem. I have not included cheating and tendencies, among others, because in the first place, before the number one aforestated, and if you enter a relationship formed out of any chances, cheating is, has always been and must not be present.

You will really go far with LDR.