This is not your another-pampalubagloob squawk nor a protest of hate and bitterness.

Movies about love and anything attached to it, filial, erotic or agape, unconditional or selfish, unrequited or mutual, mushroom like those national hamburger stalls (that of Angel’s Hamburger), touch our emotions and bring the Rotten Tomatoes in us. But there is this tweeting bandwagon that is much sensationalized through the Philippine soap opera ‘Forevermore’, and was spread more by the social media, the hashtag ‘WalangForever’.

Forever copyIs there #Forever? #MayForever nga ba talaga? If your suitor tells you ‘I love you to the moon and back’, do you chuckle like a PBB teen? Or, will you promote the anti-forever fever of ‘walang forever, bae, but there is a lifetime’, or those ampalaya out there who are allergic to it. Which is which? Let me share some thoughts that, like you, the person reading this blog post or most of the world’s romanticists, now have to rethink on this cultural bandwagon.

Maybe #Forever is not about the time, but maybe the length that love can possibly last.

It is about the impossibility that love can do during those times; that even for 50 years, 74 Lorenzo Bartolinis can be found by a searching Claire because of Letters to Juliet; that when you think of being Romeo, don’t think twice and grab her, defying the Capulet-Montague feud; that World War II will not stop the rain and romance for Gosling and McAdams.

Maybe #Forever is not about the relationship that will last till death and the thereafter, but maybe it is about the staying power of the couple to be strong together for years

They say, it is not what you reach but what you did to reach that. In order to have #Forever, maybe you need to sustain maturity let alone adhere to the Ten Commandments of Marriage (kasal agad-agad?) But yes, it takes a man and a woman, dogs and cats to rain hard and any gender preferences that we all have. #Forever is about sustainable development; you make the present and future constant, without compromising the finite resources of the world, including you, a beautiful person.

Maybe #Forever is not about the ideal relationship but maybe it is about having your ideal person with you.

Ask yourself. What makes you happy? Is it the feeling that when your crush likes your photo that your heart is squeezed? Is it when you follow the relationship lifestyle of famous couples? Or, is it the feeling when your partner brings you tulips at work with latté and blueberry cheesecake? Or is it simply when your bae kisses your nape in the mornings whispering ‘Breakfast’s ready, my love’. Kris Aquino once said that waking up to your ideal person is something really orgasmic. Well, who wouldn’t want to?

Maybe #Forever is not really about love after all, but maybe it is about being moral, ethical and righteous.

Love is Charles Darwin. It evolves. It changes. It grows. It is a theory, a difficult theory. When asked of love’s definition, we have the relative and we tend to overthink. At times, we base it on the morals we grew up with, or the experiences that will have the Fifty Shades Deeper. Did #Forever end when ‘Love Locks’ in Paris were taken down? So if #Forever is not really about love, from where do you base your judgment about it? Is it morality? Is it ethics? Maybe it is love when ‘Love Locks’ were avoided because they have become harmful to the historic monuments, eyesore and trash? That is an example of sacrificing love for the welfare of many, as espoused by French officials experiencing headache, and a mother sparing you away from your drug-using boyfriend.

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Now, being ‘bitter’ is something you have to be proud of; it means you are as tough as Shaun the Sheep (keeping up until having the love of his life, The Farmer). But feel the love because it is one of the best feelings in the world. It may be tragic, but it can endure a #Forever of tragedy. It may be short, but the happiness is something that needs to be treasured #Forever. It may be crazy, but if you will be #Forever crazier without it. It may be useless but it has made the first Black U.S. President, something that is very useful and something that will last #Forever in the history of the world.