My Twenty Fourteen was a circus. I got 9 out of 13 items on my bucket list, to wit:

1. Start Travelling (the very core of this travel wrap).

2. Celebrate my birthday extravagantly (shopped, dined out all those money eaters).

3. Be financially literate (got savings every three months but got to spend it, all of them)

4. Get a hairstyle far from being who I am (Mom had to disagree but yeah)

5. Start my Master’s Degree (now I’m on my second trimester, how’s that? I passed my Economic Analysis course mthrfckr)

6. Pay “Iron” in full (the most expensive investment I got so far nearly a hundred thousand bucks)

7. Reach amount target for travel (even beyond the lid because I got lots of pasalubong every time I go home)

8. Optimize Adobe Skills (still more to learn)

9. Get a tattoo (this one was the most painful but was orgasmic )

With all my whole-year carnival rides and shits, I have got to go places. And here is my Travel Abstract 2014.

IMG_9474 copyFebruary 7-9 2014. For the second time, I visited Boracay Island and in just three years, the beach has become not as white as it was back then. Just like our fridges and camera shutters, it conceivably expires, too. But no worries.; it still is one of the most attractive bolt-holes in the Philippines where you can get sun-kissed, show some skin and enjoy a cuddle by the beach.

IMG_9481 copy

Here’s my Bora-feature blog

20140407-160532.jpgApril 4-6 2014. I visited the Queen City of the South. I am definitely going back to the mother of all cities in the Philippines and the Queen City of the South. Reasons would start from my personal over-the-weekend excursion engagements down to the commercial districts and places I have not been to because of time curbs.20140407-160446.jpg

Here are my 40 reasons why I have to go back there:


May 23, 2014. For so many times I have been to Manila, I have never explored Makati City. That was the time then that i had my first MRT ride. The next day, I had an ambush meet up with my high school friends, Clarisse, Wheng and Dexter, whom I have not met for seven years from Cubao to SM Makati down to the subway and alleys to the Glorietta to Ayala Triangle where we had a scrumptious Wee Sam Kee lunch and horselaugh along the stretch of high-end grills.

20140529-103929.jpgMay 24, 2014. After two hours of bus and jeepney ride, we reached Tagaytay City safely. The breeze settled in our skin like the kisses of the most modest goddesses of the Arctic. It’s hyperbolized but feeling the Manila heat before, you’ll be more exaggerated than how I was.

20140529-104151.jpgThis is the view  at the People’s Park in the Sky. You can have a panoramic view of the majestic Taal Volcano and the whole of Cavite.The spectacle would be even more engaging if you go up the old house of Imelda Marcos at the back. And having that on sight, I disregarded my tragic hyperacidity and enjoyed the best sip of soda with my friends while taking tons of pictures.

Here’s my blog about it.


May 27, 2014. I had an overnight stay at Hotel veronica in Roxas City for a purpose the day following at the Municipality of Maayon in Capiz.


September 25, 2014. For three months, I have had my mind-set fixated on our Calaguas Island trip in Camarines Norte, Bicol Region but it was cancelled by the tour operator due to a low pressure area. Alternatively, my friend had a Plan B to not spoil our gusto and my plane ticket, too.


The resolution was Batangas. Read the 6 travel tips I learned from that travel at:

18October 2014. Went to Capiz to visit Pan-ay Church and see the biggest Bell in the Philippines.IMG_5257At the heart of travelling, experience is what I really love to gain. I never consider money as a lost investment but rather a humbling experience of climbing a little notch higher from your comfort zone, explore, learn and stay grounded. It is on every bucket list of a person who wants to go places-to add up new friends and experiences on your ‘Timeline’- leaving the slip-ups and transforming experiences to enduring lifelong memories immortalized each in the sea breeze and the agony of gallant wait. So…

November 15, 2014. I was sloshed at the City of Smiles.005If Cebu City has their “sutukil” and Manila their “dampa” and Iloilo City has the famous “Breakthrough” and Roxas City their “BaybayRoxas“, Bacolod takes on the challenge with their Palapala Market offer where customers have an array of fresh seafood to choose from with the opportunity to choose what recipe to have faith on.


You will smile if you click this:

December 8, 2014. Flew to Manila for our Laoag trip.


December 9, 2014. Stayed at St. Giles in Makati City.


December 10, 2014. Explored the Heritage that lies in the North.


I felt like I was with my buttcheeks together when I wandered in the North. I had to go through some shits in between them but with each of the buttcheek together, full and firm, I managed to carry on and enjoy the ride of heritage and culture. I’d rather not discourse about those shits, it might prevent healthful living.


Here is my blog for my amazing escapade especially in the one of the Wonder Cities of the World:’s it for 2014. Wish I could have more budget and more travel buddies to met in 2015. 302014 Travel Abstract submitted. Prepping for 2015 proposals.