For three months, I have had my mind-set fixated on our Calaguas Island trip in Camarines Norte, Bicol Region but it was cancelled by the tour operator due to a low pressure area. Alternatively, my friend had a Plan B to not spoil our gusto and my plane ticket, too.

Since Batangas is mountainous, we had to wait for the Palm Beach Resort shuttle, and so we did the photo protocol.

We resolved to discover Batangas, the Industrial Port of CALABARZON since it is classified as one of the most competitive units in the country today and their ‘fine harbor was declared as an International Port and an alternate port of Manila.’ Perhaps, it was dubbed that way since the term ‘Batangan’ means a raft that the people used during the historic times to fish nearby Taal Lake.

Two thumbs up to the sunny but not too muggy weather before the boating-snorkeling adventure.

We likewise dropped by the Rome of the Philippines (Lipa City) to grab some refreshments to withstand another hour of muggy, ‘siksikan’ and ‘maalinsangan’ jeepney ride to San Juan. Big notice while on jeep is the Batangas Tagalog or the Batangueño twang which immensely entertained me. ‘Putang-ina naman ineng are’ng bayad at dine ka lumapat’ cracked into my ears but I couldn’t seem to find anger in their eyes except the air.

If we travel, Clarisse, Dex and I always sit at the back of the bus to not feel the turtle clock and talk about our childlike and childish memories.

Just my Ilongo ‘lambing’ line of attack neutralized the white heat as I and my buddies talked about dogs and family in Hiligaynon all throughout the ride.

Here are the five useful travel tips I have learned by heart through my Batangas repose 2014. Feel free to comment below and suggest some more.

1. Good Hotel Reservation Package.

The simplicity of the buildings and their pavillion, the small veranda to wake up to, the spacious room equipped with a ceiling fan and a booming air-conditioner. Just the suite life.

I have always loved waking up to a good breakfast. This feeling is so inexplicably orgasmic to me since time immemorial. So I looked forward to the buffet breakfast offered by Palm Beach Resort on my second day of vacation leave. Before the service, they usually chalk on the pavillion board the masterpiece of the meal. The poached and scrambled eggs, beef tapa, champorado, sweet longganisa, bread with coco and pineapple jam, steamed tanigue and fruit smorgasbord really jumpstarted my day.

I am a certified gastronome to mishmash cuisines so when they had alternative gourmet pasta for rice persons, I grabbed the time to wipe my plate off to flawlessness.

Youthful innocence of the well-corrupted minds. The resort has this cute playground for kids. Yes, kids. 🙂

The meals, the cabana, and infinity pool, jacuzzi and beach swimming formed part of our two days one night package stay. Water sports activities had 20% discount as well. That’s the very reason why we accepted the quotation so upon arrival and stay, you won’t be shocked of the price ranges and/or budget your expenditures quick.

Hashtag The Naked Truth. But it was all a lie. They have two infinity pools and each with a comforting jacuzzi.

2. Get a Good Backpack

Most of my friends cannot really travel light. I tell them: Remember, you are on travel, not prepping for a grand photo-shoot. Though the latter could somewhat be relative because who on Earth would want to look passé and outmoded in their social media photos nowadays.  It is very important to pack the clothes you will use. Don’t spend much on buying, rather choose shirts or tops that easily compliment neutral colored chinos or shorts. A pair of flip-flops and a jagged-casual pair of shoes would do. Organize your things properly and classify them in different pouches so you will find the things that you need easily. And in case you surprisingly experience a bag that weakens and opens up in public without you knowing, you won’t be picking up pebbles and rolled up undies since your grouped your stuff in pouches.

Have to work out more. So, I’ll have the fortitude and staying power the next time I run catching my flight. But I swear it won’t be happening again.

At the airport, when I ran like a Black Olympian to catch my flight since I was 20-minute late from boarding, it happened. Unfortunately. Capital U. It was humiliating but I didn’t really care since catching my flight was my prime priority at that once in a lifetime moment and my things were packed properly in pouches–toiletries, used clothes, unused clothes and gadgets each clustered.

This is going to be the most memorable, ‘buwis buhay’ boarding pass of my life.

Had I brought a trolley, I would have eaten the 5J459 plane dust.

3. Develop the Good Samaritan in You

Channelling the spirit of selflessness, I have lent my iPad charger to a stranger since I felt the need of her iPhone to recharge even if I only had 3% battery that time. Because of that deed of mine, she invited me to a boating-snorkelling adventure at an excellent diving site in Laiya, Batangas the day following. And they used a speedboat, take note. A speedboat.  Yes. For free.

With Che Avellano-Moriya, my new friend, the one I have lent my charger to, and her family from Japan. I really like their pure warmth.

We were able to revel in the vast and famous biodiversity and marine resources of Batangas. Feeding the school of fish of spanking colors and observing at how they reel around the little hills of mossy antiquated coral reefs shrank all my tiredness off the sea and utterly made my day.

Batangas is famous for its diving paradise. It actually bagged the International Prize for Underwater Images at the 27th World Festival of Underwater Images in France in November 2000 with its marine resources as the subjects. But of course not that brace-face grinning at you now.

4. Grow More Patience

Travelling is never like it without literal pains in the ass and hours of waiting. Upon check-in to my Iloilo-Manila flight, I was informed that there will be a two-hour delay. Without wincing, I cautiously oriented myself to a long wait. Before boarding, they informed us that we are entitled to a free domestic flight. I became happier.

Free flight! Free flight breakout.

Growing a little more patience won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Neither does it kill a cat.

5. Different Cash Bank 

Don’t keep your money in a single place. In case my money gets stolen or lost, I really make sure that there are other bills in other parts of my bag. I put cash in my wallet which is always and have been inside my bag, in my Ray Ban case, in the pocket of my jeans and even inside my phone case.

And bring coins, too.

Bringing extra cash is also needed in cases of emergency. If you guys decided to extend a little bit and you ran out of cash, it is difficult to find ATMs especially if the place is kind of remote. So just get a grip on your budget but always be a ready for the rain.

6. Talk About Your Next Destination

If you don’t have any other activities and you choose to just log in on instagram, talk about other places or surf the web of your probable destination next.

We always manage to schedule photo ops and adventure time. In that case, Single Lens Reflex and a smartphone with a micro SD card are deemed must if you want an updated social media account.
This is called de-stressing from all the stresses of life that cause us stress and stressors of life bustles.
I never leave a place without a signature jump-shot.

Also, before parting, have a roundtable discussion on the couch or while in the Jacuzzi de-stressing of where or when to go next. Through which, you get to prepare for future expenses, scheduling and budget, and at the same time, amplify the fun and excitement.

Next stop: Japan! Haha.

At the heart of travelling, experience is what I really love to gain. I never consider money as a lost investment but rather a humbling experience of climbing a little notch higher from your comfort zone, explore, learn and stay grounded. It is on every bucket list of a person who wants to go places-to add up new friends and experiences on your ‘Timeline’- leaving the slip-ups and transforming experiences to enduring lifelong memories immortalized each in the sea breeze and the agony of gallant wait.

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