When a truth serum gets in your veins and coerce you to speak of the adultery you committed two years ago and when you killed the pigeon of your bestfriend, you can never escape the judgment. Most often, you will have to create a world of your own or create a world away from the judgment and the truth serum factory.

We always make mistakes. We slip. We break. We wobble. We try to avoid them but because of forces inevitable, we end up consummating the task of breaking the standards. During the process, some elements hang about in the way for the purpose of leading us to the right path. Results would customarily be unsuccessful and the forces become vain, leaving the mistake become a realization. We become happy. We sound like a carefree five-year old teasing his six-month old baby sister using a stiletto. We look like a stash of food full of salted chips and cans of soda. We seem to be like a lottery winner but have not bought a ticket. But the truth is that we make mistakes. Small mistakes and big mistakes are still mistakes. A single Hebrew character tattoo and an A4-sized naked woman tattoo are still tattoos. A bite from a mad heated dog and a bite from a wolf will both turn something different in your system unless otherwise delivered remedy.

Point is, why do we have to continue doing the same mistakes over and over again when in the first phase, we already knew what the consequences and the price would be.

Firstly, I believe it’s the gratification of one’s needs that keeps it going. A sexual need is gratified by any sexual encounter deemed applicable for a certain personality. Thus, a husband commits adultery. He is gratified of the encounter. He knows it’s a mistake against his wife and children but since he is gratified and not apprehended, he proceeds.

Second, it is the balance of nature that forbids it not to exist. In the case in point, the judicial system would best exemplify the balance of nature together with the regulation of the other chambers of the government. The ecosystem is another attraction of real balance. One has to die in order for the cycle to ensue. A timid kid wouldn’t likewise learn how to fight back if all his classmates suck and are poor at bullying.

And third, mistakes are synonymous to learning. While we make mistakes, we learn from it. It’s up to us now how to sustain and avoid it though. Learning the same thing is not learning. For others, it’s mastery. For me, it’s called stupidity.