Victor Hugo probably got a part in drafting my misery from the time I was bleak in Iloilo when I lost my DSLR on a cab which name I also forgot because of fatigue leading me to secure a blotter report from one police station to another lost to having a Cimmerian kickstart in Manila when my friend (now my enemy) did not respond to my calls and texts. I was just so happy that I got to communicate with my good friend Cyra who lives in Makati before that. Follow this smart-ass friend of mine at for the wittiest and funniest blogs.


The Pacific Rim and Epic drove us to the world of minute creatures and the portal of whatsoever geologic Mesozoic turquoise blooded uncontrollably freaky titanic and thin dinosaur-like monsters!  Phew!


Went to Guadalupe Public Market with Cy and I had my very first MRT ride which, though not ‘properly documented’, was sublime!

20140529-103929.jpgThe next day, I had an ambush meet up with my high school friends, Clarisse, Wheng and Dexter, whom I have not met for seven years from Cubao to SM Makati down to the subway and alleys to the Glorietta to Ayala Triangle where we had a scrumptious Wee Sam Kee lunch and horselaugh along the stretch of high-end grills.


Food love and the chicken was delectable that we chose to have it wrapped ‘pang-tawid gutom’ when we decided to go to Tagaytay just at that moment.20140529-104019.jpg

Due to time constraint, we weren’t able to tape up our wrecking ball parody at the triangle. Next time ah! (Ilonggo Accent)20140529-104042.jpg

After two hours of bus and jeepney ride, we reached Tagaytay City safely. The breeze settled in our skin like the kisses of the most modest goddesses of the Arctic. It’s hyperbolized but feeling the Manila heat before, you’ll be more exaggerated than how I was.


This is the view  at the People’s Park in the Sky. You can have a panoramic view of the majestic Taal Volcano and the whole of Cavite.


The spectacle would be even more engaging if you go up the old house of Imelda Marcos at the back. And having that on sight, I disregarded my tragic hyperacidity and enjoyed the best sip of soda with my friends while taking tons of pictures.20140529-104216.jpg

Thanks for the free shirt, cous. We have outranked all the other couple shirts up there. HAHA!20140529-104323.jpg

Candid shot. One of my favorite. It entails everything. Absolute joy. Genuine laughter.20140529-104303.jpg

This landmark is enticing for the spiritual and the religious. 20140529-104358.jpg

Before leaving, I had to lie down the road just to get this shot of the PAG-ASA Radar shot just next to the wishing well.20140529-104418.jpgOn the Olivares Street going to the Skyranch, while still feeling down, our office’s security guard phoned me to inform that the DSLR I left on the cab was faithfully returned by the taxi driver right at our very office at that awesome moment. I couldn’t explain the feeling but I’ll try. I felt like I was a lion having a number of orgasms to the same mate for three days releasing all the optimum happiness in the universe together with Fantine, Cosette, Jean, and Marius redeemed from their miseries. So yeah. 20140529-104508.jpg

I just had the best ambush travel ever. So even if I traveled back home alone, I didn’t regret going to Manila though I was there for a different reason–the reason I may never speak and think of again. Hopefully.


My friend in Guimaras asked for a box of Krispy Kreme and a bumper for his iPhone. Mom didn’t ask anything for ‘pasalubong‘ aside from going home safe but I know she’s in love with the said doughnut but there was none that time.20140529-104534.jpg

Instead, I brought them boxes of cinnamon bread from Cinnabon at the airport terminal which was actually more expensive than I thought it was. And I had the big box given to the taxi driver for a great deed. And talking to him made me realize that I wasn’t that wretched. And so I was happy.