It is my second time in Boracay and in just three years, the beach has become not as white as it was back then. Just like our fridges and camera shutters, it conceivably expires, too. But no worries.; it still is one of the most attractive bolt-holes in the Philippines where you can get sun-kissed, show some skin and enjoy a cuddle by the beach.Image

One thing I don’t like about travelling is the long hours of ride. I went out of our house at 7:30 in the morning and I have arrived at our hotel at 5:30 late in the afternoon!Image

But seeing the breathtaking panorama of the third whitest beach in the world is just priceless and is worth the migraine and butt pains.Image

When you plan to travel, look for resources. Keep all the business cards you got and they might get you a free breakfast meal from your chosen hotel. You get to save a hundred and twenty pesos for that. And it’s doubled or tripled if you guys come in groups.Image

I have a very pale skin and I wanted to get it darker also for me to even out my dalmatian skin. But I’m afraid of moulting. I’m not a snake. I’d rather be a dog. But whatever it is that I might become or look like the next time I go beach-ing, I’ll bring a sunblock first for they are just over the overpricing line and it’s annoying. How could a 60ml sunblock cost nearly the Aquino paper bill?Image

Getting a souvenir photo also helps not only you to immortalize your memories but also the natives living in there who are trying to make a small livelihood out of the sand and a little gasoline to rev up the Boracay evening attraction.Image

And thanks to a newly found kid friend Jocco from Bicol University for taking this picture with my bestest best friend Jaime. You can follow this amazing person at for his travel adventures.Image

Other than the difficulty of sticking to your daily travel budget is the dilemma of choosing where restaurant to pig out.Image

And if you guys eventually get exhausted of sliding your ankles from one station to another, just stop and eat where your legs brought you. Our tummies heralded GASTHOF! Image

Grapes and Kiwi Shake at the Pancake House at D’Mall Boracay.Image

Their bland Egg’s Benedict Hawaiian and never mind the salty Banana Nutella. Image

I got these souvenirs for the fambam and some officemates. Colorful pens and magnets for my freezer. Simple and cute. 


And I don’t know what’s with breakfast that tickles me.  Perhaps it’s because you have your comfort food shared with the person you can talk anything about without being conscious with how you look like or how messy your hair is when you wake up in the morning.

Boracay is indeed really more than just burning your busts and your bodies. It is about enjoying the company of the people you are with. Making new friends and loving the old ones. Loving the sun and loving your Mahal even more.

The next time I’m going to Bora, I’m bringing my Mom, my Dad, my brother and his son. Now that’s gon’ be a tough expensive dream. Keep dreaming though! Have a happy day!