Never will I put down the shine
Encrusted upon those translucent eyes
Wearing the innocence beyond line,
Clustered in the beauty brilliantly nice.

Diving with crocodiles I’ll bear
To the lengthen cobras embraced.
Lethal may sound, unflinching despair,
Just proving the love in me enlaced.

Cheetahs be caught, flies get gnawed,
Use of force I’ll forcibly apply
Towards impossibilities my mouth chewed
Up to the extent of love, for you I’ll die.

As Adam, the apple I’ll take a bite.
Intently nap with curse and death;
You, idle like couch potato until night,
Inhale your life from food to breath.

Now, after things undertaken like Math,
Be with my arms, clutch on my back.
For I’ll play with you then absorb my wrath
Of my libido, your body, I will hack.

Ah, mortality runs like sneeze,
Squeaks like a saw, cuts like a knife.
Deeply, this end I accept as with breeze
Spying at world and at human strife.

Above all and beyond all these, thank you
For the lifetime fusion of flesh and heart.
Throwing goodbyes equals adieu
Then speaks: We’ll never be apart.