This is no fairy tale nor fiction script. This is no romanticism nor regret venting. This is our story.

I won’t bluff because I’m weak. I’ll share something to read just before the year ends just so you might want to start watching English series and be happy.

As chestnuts, ‘This year had been a tough one!’ or ‘We need to start the new year right.’ flood the social media and our own minds, let me congratulate you for being your best this year, irrespective of your oversights and successes, your gains and losses, your heartaches and misadventures, your lost shirts and paper bills, your hidden desires and disclosed secrets, your biased scrutiny and kaplastikan. You made a lot of people smile and that I believe is one thing enough to embark on new smiling thrusts.

This year, to ease boredom and of being drudgingly stuck at our house, I continued watching English series with very superb hopes of, at least, copy their accent. Later had it dawned on me its very effect and that is to be open to any kinds of stories and embrace them open-mindedly.

The Mistresses

This redundant-yet-still-buys-life-is-complicated-themed story tells how the scandalous life of four girlfriends show the value of trust and how cheating pains a truthful heart. This year, I experienced the biggest heartache. I got cheated on. It’s painful. It’s tragic. No amount of sadness could describe how I felt that time that it reached to a point of me doing something I never thought I could.
Now, if that time comes that you can’t discern what’s the most rightful thing to do, talk to someone, let it all out, cry it all out. Who knows, that person listening might be your destined Mahal.


For series enthusiasts, who wouldn’t want a cop-drama with a twist of a fantastical project and characters inspired by the famous Grimm’s Fairy Tales.
When I was small and Christmas Trees were tall, I was fond of detective stories. I think they are just so smart that even rats become sensational. It taught me to value the every little thing I have.
Now, if you think you think that you are losing your value, just pause, and think again. If you think you don’t stand a chance, think of the people who value you. In no time, you’ll feel significant to anybody, even rats.


This is about survival. One thing I don’t like is putting justice on your hands. But in our present setting, I believe, it is a necessity hence we need someone like Arrow to be the vanguard of justice and instantaneously correct those who will ‘fail our city.’
Nothing special-special about this series. I just remembered how I and my loving older brother talk Arrow and how everything became just sooo exciting every time the arrow sets in.

Game of Thrones

The title itself is crystal. It’s revolves around one thing, and that is to gain power. So it became the most torrented show on HBO.
Who doesn’t want power? Who wants to be a weakling? Who doesn’t want sex? Haha.
There. Sometimes, we have to be barbaric to know who’s real and who’s fake. This year, I came to know who my friends are and I say the real ones. And one of the real ones is my family.

Once Upon A Time

This is my favorite series of all that I have watched. Not that I like fairy tales, it’s just that there are things you can’t get enough of. True love. Magic. Moral lessons.

Once Upon a Time, The Mistresses and The Grimms Started the Game of Thrones with an Arrow. If the arrow goes well with the fire of hope, the game shall be one hell of a ride. So go on, be a mistress, be grim, hope for the throne. Just avoid cheating, don’t be savage and get the throne in a fair manner. Its the metaphor of making mistakes and learning from them. If it were so, nothing is going wrong. You’ll live happily ever after.