A manifold of beautiful misfortunes and tragic amours have transpired on the pavements of development. Three years of Creation and Pre-Judgment Day slit the production of the unexpected and the brave. Now, the change that we long for might be far from being translated into reality but it is our imperative call and order of Antithesis of balancing misfortunes to be tragic and amours to be the most beautiful.


Christmas 2011, I had a fun photoshoot slash photowalk with my cousins and my brother. Tried this anti-bummer idea of killing them and transferring their heads off the neck.20131213-140406.jpg

Our home and anywhere shaded me the wisdom of derisive jest in collaboration with their witty ideas to have these outputs on the birth of the Saviour (well of the most, in exclusion of me for my bigger side seems to be agnostic and they won’t like me for being like that).20131213-140432.jpg

I look stupid for this lamest shot amongst the three–perhaps because I didn’t hold my camera in this. These pictures make me feel that just like summer love, Christmas carols also are fleeting.20131213-140541.jpg

Five of us, after the crazy anti-bummer photoshoot went to the river maybe a kilometer away from Granny’s, stayed there and waited in vain for fishes to take a clever bite of our bait. 20131213-140627.jpg

I as the eldest and she as the youngest of us five, started this kiddie pool wrestle game until fishing turned out to be the battle to fray the fishes away.20131213-140653.jpg


We dragged each other while the other three went bananas watching.


And probably the change that I and our family long for that is far from being translated into reality, is for this priceless smile from Lola beam with her future apos including that of my brother’s in four months.

It is the Antithesis we hope to bring happiness this season of joy, two years after one of the best Christmas Days and balance the problem that our family has now as the Carols change.