Seeing beneath your beautiful every-time you sing makes me cry. I held your hand and jump right out when the time of doubt came to pass. I tried avoiding baked oysters even though it was my favorite because the moment you arrived, you became the only favoured and dearest food to my cravings. When the temperature rises, you wash the heat away and forgive my mistakes. It has always been easy for you to make me smile, easier than waking up at 7 in the morning to start writing to convince myself to figure out the answer. There’s no answer. There never was. There never will. My home is where you are and you will ever be. No one knows the truth about love because it is all but lies. It is the poetry of defeat and the loss of your adorable rabbits when they’re already pregnant. The truth about love is when you crawl out of bed to hide from your parents and smile like a shameless ninja. It is when blood smell like CK Escape that gummies taste like cork. Something’s changed within us I know not. It’s painful. It’s unspeakable. It’s an impossible crime like those rapists urging on corpses and massacres without the victims. It is nothing but emotional defeat. I don’t know where this truth about love is going to because it is all but lies.But the truth about love, is that I will never lie when I say I love you.