About to sleep, I am thinking of what could possibly kill a penguin. Would it be by hitting its head with a block of ice? Or would it be by drowning it. Whatever it may cause, this way of thinking, let Caesar deserve what’s for him, signed, sealed, delivered.

They say, thinkers are doers. Once you thought of people sneaking behind your back, stabbing your kidneys and talk shit over you, you might then also have thought of it earlier than they had. You probably do that to your other friends, only to realize of getting the value of cleaning your mind from evil thoughts and unhealthy ideas.

I once met a friend who always reiterates her virginity redeemed by her first boyfriend. Everytime she sees a couple, she would speak of vulgar topics on that unlucky pair. And, at times when somebody would whisper a few words to another subject, she responds like, hey whaaat? You guys talk crap and I am here listening, come and share the blessings and we’re good.

It is but difficult to show how much we try to cope with the stigma of felonies. Worse, they become more socialized and henceforth marks a widespread contagion. Its not really about becoming a retard and try to seek vengeance over a spilled hot choco and bullying. One thing, avoid it. Later, you’ll realize its significance. Soon, penguins will transfer at the Pacific and die in the summer.