Pork Chop and Pork Barrel

Kasuluka na sang balita. Napoles. Pork Barrel. PNoy. Congressman 1 kawatan. Mayor 2 nagpanginpulos. Senator 3 family friend. My beef are first, that the money intended for the people should be ‘given’ to the people, of course giving is an understatement; second, that corruption of all sorts will always happen with or without the ever-sickening-and-yet-still-buys pork barrel, Filipinos excel at many things, another understatement; and third, kaso kaso lang, wala man na gihapon tupa. Right, Erap? I’m no perfect citizen of this country. But I pay a big amount of tax every month, hoping it could be of help to my countrymen. But hey, we just have to accept the very fact that not all Filipinos can eat a well fried porkchop nowadays. Maybe Arroyo, Coroña and now, Napoles had too much of pork so when they got their dues with their wheelchairs. Oh, I see, props? HAHA! Just saying. 

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