They say, life’s a labyrinth. Once inside, you’ll go endlessly with enigmatic paths and will never find the exit; or if you are just about to see the exit, a Minotaur might have already devoured you limb from limb before you can escape from the maze. But looking on the lighter and hopeful side of life, there would always be Ariadne’s thread that will help yo find your way out of the labyrinth or a Theseus in you to slay the Minotaur by yourself.

During my first term as the Editor-in-Chief of our school organ, we rummaged onto two basic, central facets of Life–the stinks and the fragrances.

These are the positive and the negative ones, of facts and fictions, of optimism and pessimism, of conformity and rebellion, of conventionality and unorthodoxy, of failure and success, of love and lust, of egotism and altruism or of whatever in life that can be good in my eyes and bad in yours or vice versa. These are stinks and fragrances.

The staff poked around places and people which had evidently added to the richness of the issue.

For a change and for unconventionality’s sake, we divided the magazine into two, one for the stinks and the other for fragrances. Each aspect on one side has interrelationship with one on the other. Each article varies and can also put disagreement on the other one–but that is what life’s comprised of. All we have to do is accept and embrace it because it is the reality. Can we afford to live in a pseudo world where one fools himself with lies, fantasies and escapism?

Yes we can. But whether we like it or not, whether we have to or we don’t have to, we will always comes back to the real world where we truly belong, full of stinks but can always be fragrant. These can touch you but these can also raise your brows. Nevertheless, we hope the issue was taken care of and was read before deciding to put on fire or make a cover up from the rain.

The issue sprinkled the readers potpourri and scent their being with the most fragrant heart and conceal whatever stink they hide in them.

The Potpourri brought home the smell of success in the regionals. ^_^