I once thought of becoming a Polar bear sitting on ice. Well, if I don’t sit, I would probably sleep till the dawns come and the darling buds of May wither on ice and having the weather that the Philippines have now, I’d rather not go out of the office the entire day and prefer working my ass out than be told to go banking and deposit some fucking cash.

I once thought of becoming a Polar bear because right now I’m earning thick layers of fats. And it is unsanitary. Physical torture. Probably, unsanitary for my body because I’ll look like a pudgy munchkin eating two litres of double dutch ice cream on weekends. Their bodies need fats so they feed on bearded seals most of the time. And, with the fatty intakes that they get every time, it doesn’t cause them high blood pressure or any other lethal effects of fatty foods. On the contrary, they still always look cute and cuddly. In my case, I might not fit on my favorite shirts.

I once thought of becoming a Polar bear and I will never be one.