I miss those times when I had my TTh class, scheduled 11:30am two years ago. And I always have this fcukin’ excitement of going to school as early as 9:00am (which I don’t usually do) anticipating for someone from under our publication office to visit me upstairs and slot in some paltry but happy conversation. Flirting was there. Flicks of LOVE were there. Sadly, it didn’t last though. But out of that, I didn’t just gain love and admiration from whoever that person was, but I also earned 4 good and genuine friends. Friends so MEDicinal. Friends so loud. (char!)

Normally, I don’t and didn’t buy jokes from Phoebe. They’re losing my creativity, my patience and my virtue as a sovereign Filipino animal. But now, I’ve realized, I WAS INDEED RIGHT. haha

I never imagined Shella could dance contemporary and ballet very well. MORAL LESSON: Hidden dancing skills come out in the open in a Stage Arts class and when your Mares are running out of confidence to dance and you don’t have any effin’ choice but to take the center stage, dance like there’s no tomorrow, shock your classmates to death, be the topic of the class for three more meetings and positively, immortalize your name out of it.

I learned from Ma’am Fig that canned Tunas, from adobo to afritada to mechado, still and will always TASTE LIKE TUNA!

And that if times get lean and slim and your weekly allowance gets short, there’s always Binangkal from Julie’s or a 10-peso laswa from every carinderia. Call it cheap but it can surely be a help. A help for your pocket and a help for your rotting health.

Roma does well in business. Proven. Fact. No any other doubt with that. But piece of advice: ROMA, you are more of a dancer than a business woman. Pag-iririmaw 2007 is the prime proof.
And oh, I just loved it when Roma would say: “Sa CPU ya, ang uno (1.0) ginakaw-it lang, diri ya sa west, ahaw sa tres(3.0) kamangon mo pa!” Tsk.

When I was still in first year, I thought TBA is a room. And now I realized how stupid I was.
I thought the AB English curriculum only gets to have a language or a literature class all throughout the course. But I was wrong, we also get to learn Literatura ng iba’t-ibang rehiyon sa Pilipinas, Pagbasa at Pagsulat, Sining sa Pakikipagtalastasan , Soc Sci with Family Planning, Physics and Biology, Philippine Constitution and Governance and HELL, College Algebra and Statistics which drowned some of my classmates’ Laude dreams.

And oh, a College Algebra class which also caused one classmate to shed a tear while solving a problem on the board. Ambot anu ngalan nya to uh. Kilala gid to sya ni Rommel.

Last few weeks ago, I learned that mosquitoes have teeth. Chinjja! I thought they were more of a sucking needle…but sucking teeth? Amazing.

Also last few weeks ago, I told my friend that Elvis Presley ate 4 scoops of ice cream and 6 chocolate chip cookies before he died. And, my my friend concluded that, perhaps, “Elvis was diabetic”. Such a critical thinking creature, isn’t he?

I, in no way, thought that the movie “Yanggaw” can be one good inspiration for NYORZ to be formed. But that was just a thought. A thought put into GROUP TEXTING. And group text that led to pure and boozy friendship. Party- party!

Today, applying for an academic award in WVSU will cost you a hundred pesos. I don’t know next year if it will escalate or not.

Public Speaking was one bloodcurdling subject I thought I won’t pass. Good thing I did.
November 3 at 10:52, I mistook Chum’s Flash Disk as a Pregnancy Test Kit.

BEST THESIS goes to Emarie Ybañez and Mary Hope Baylon for questioning the existence and the significance of thesis writing for AB English students. Para wala na thesis writing daad.
Kag kung wala thesis writing, wala ta libug sbong! haha

AB ENGLISH 4B Batch 2011: I will miss you all. Especially my Nyorz. And my mynxes. And nunoy. And nene. And BFF. And most of all, mara, april rose, roselle,kenneth, toto orvene and salvie.