TO GET FAMOUS. Although sleeping with a famous person might get you noticed, it’s for all the wrong reasons and do you really want to be that much of a cliché? Even if said famous star promises you the world and you are blinded by the glamour of living on a tour bus or going on a credit card shopping jaunt post-sex, take a deep breath, slap yourself and remind yourself that you have too much self-respect to go through with this.
REVENGE. It turns out that revenge is a dish best served… with your clothes on. Sex is a personal business, which means that sleeping with someone can hurt other people easily. Whoever you’re trying to hurt doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that in the cold light of day, when you have a stranger trying to spoon you, you will not feel triumphant or satisfied. You will feel mean and unhappy. Do you really want to be known as that person who uses sex as a weapon?
PROMOTION. Research from the Center for Work-Life Policy found that 15% of women at director level slept with their bosses and 37% of those saucy nights resulted in a career boost. Although you might get rewarded for sleeping with your boss in the short-term, how will you cope when your colleagues no longer respect you? You’ll be forever haunted by the thought that you didn’t earn that promotion.
PITY. So, you’re a nice person; that doesn’t mean you have to sleep with that person who has just been dumped and is now crying on a bar stool in a drunken heap of self-pity. Not only is pity sex morally wrong, you need to ask yourself why you want to sleep with someone you feel sorry for. Do you have an overpowering and unhealthy need to look after others? Plus, the person you feel sorry for may become disastrously attached to you and we all know howFatal Attraction ended, don’t we?
GET OVER AN EX. Love hurts. When you break up with someone it can feel like your world has ended and all you want to do is forget. However, unfortunately a memory wiper hasn’t been invented yet and so lots of people try to sleep with someone new in order to get over their ex. The problem is, if you’re not yet over your ex, sleeping with someone new will simply make you miss your guy or girl more. This is because everything you guys do in bed will be different to how you two did it; from the way they kiss you to the post-sex awkwardness. If anything, sleeping with someone before you’re ready will set you back further.
MAKE SOMEONE WANT YOU. If you’ve been after that beautiful girl or hot guy and don’t seem to be getting anywhere, getting with someone in front of them can seem like a great way to make them jealous so that they finally see that you are the one for them. Yet, your life isn’t a movie and chances are it won’t. In reality, sleeping with someone else in front of the person you like tells them that you’re not interested in them. Also you run the risk of them finding out that you only slept with someone else to get them, which makes you lose around 100 attractive points.
TO MAKE SOMEONE LOVE YOU. Even if you’re Casanova and you were a shadow writer for the original Kama Sutra book, having sex with someone will not necessarily make them fall in love with you. Studies have found that those couples that slept together within the first month of dating had worse relationships in the long-term. Therefore if you want to get yourself this guy or girl, hold off and wait until you’re both ready to get under the covers – you’ll be thankful in the long-term.
A BET. Okay, so winning that wad of cash and proving everyone wrong sounds like the most important thing right now, but how will you feel when you have an upset and rightfully angry guy or girl on your hands? The chances are, the person you are sleeping with for a bet will find out and even if they don’t, what goes around comes around. Karma will definitely come back and bite you on the butt.
COMFORT YOURSELF. If you’ve had a crappy day at work, or someone asked when you were due (despite the fact that you are definitely not pregnant), it can be tempting to hit a bar and make yourself feel hot by hooking up with a stranger or that weird girl from your office. However, although you may feel wanted during those magical 20 minutes of sex, when that person you hooked up with leaves as soon as the sun rises, you’ll feel alone and your self-esteem will take a huge hit.
BOREDOM. Boredom can make us put on weight, make terrible decisions and it can even make us sleep with someone. Yet, be careful. When you sleep with someone there’s a good chance that they might get attached to you. In part, this attachment could be because oxytocin, the hormone responsible for bonding, is released in our bodies after sex. This hormone can make you feel close to someone and it may mean that your boredom-induced fling becomes a problem for you in the future.